Nested Bliss

Nested Bliss

Velvia Bliss by Taomeister
Velvia Bliss by Taomeister

I’ve spoken before about nested space and about layers of bliss.

The causal kosha is also known as the bliss body as we often experience it as a wave of bliss when we pass through it, as when transcending during meditation. But why then are there layers of bliss that can include massive increases and raptures?

This comes back to nested spaces. We exist in a personal space, in the space of our family, in the space of our community, city, province, country, world, solar system, galaxy, galactic cluster, supercluster, unnamed region, and universe.

At the event horizon of each of these spaces is a lively field of becoming that supports the forms within. This lively edge is because consciousness becoming self-aware creates space. Consciousness curves back on itself repeatedly at progressively smaller scales, in the reverse order of the list above.

We can experience this liveliness of self-aware consciousness as bliss. We don’t just have a bliss kosha but layers and layers of them, each more universal and each approaching infinity.

The layers described in “100 times the bliss” relate to another form of nested space, the lokas. Lokas are specialized worlds within the layers of our universe. Each nested space has a quality of bliss but as we get into more universal spaces where consciousness is more alive, the liveliness is more expressed and more intense.

For example, the physical world has a limited form of happiness. The energy world has pleasure. The mental world has satisfaction. The heart opens the door to happiness on a more infinite scale. And the throat brings us our first universal bliss and is associated with the bliss body itself. And so on.

The “higher” we go, the more universal we get, the closer to source, and the more powerful the liveliness is. Each increases the value of bliss.

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    1. Hi Guru
      Experiences arise in the subject-object dynamics of consciousness. When we come to source as consciousness, there is only pure consciousness. There is no objects of experience so no sensing or experience.
      Instead, we have fine qualities like the sense of being, of self-knowing, and of bliss. We can say Self knows itself as itself rather than as an experience.
      This is also partly why you know it’s the source.
      Later you do discover there is deeper influences that lead to this source but consciousness is the origin of all experiences.

    1. Hi Tomek
      The simple answer is the fundamental polarity of male-female, of Shiva and Shakti, arises in consciousness becoming self-aware. In that, it recognizes self and other, observer and observed, male and female. This is prior to vibration but becomes expressed that way.
      In a subtle sense, bliss is Shakti, it is aliveness. In the 4th paragraph, we can see it’s associated with the becoming aspect which is the feminine.
      The experiencer of the bliss is the masculine observer, the alertness.
      This is all types of bliss. As we get to more expressed levels, flavours are added from the qualities of that expression.

  1. Jeff

    Excellent. There are so many layers, qualities, textures and flavors of bliss. I have found that some bliss can become multidimensional and conscious. All qualities are very interesting, and very fulfilling. Each layer increase the overall quality of life.

    I remember my two great aunts reflecting on their lives and saying, is this all there is to life? Now, I wish I could share with them what I have discovered.

    1. Hi Jeff
      Right – the lively edge of space arises in consciousness so can very much be experienced as conscious.
      This body is a collection of trillions of cells/ life forms yet we experience it as one. There is similar dynamics in the spaces of collective consciousness.
      Well – it has to be in their range of experience to be heard. Yet they’ll likely have visited you since and seen the potential. Spiritual progress is said to influence generations back and forward. 🙂

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