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The Bhagavad Gita tells us we have control over action alone, not over results. Thus we should focus on doing our best and know this will feed the best results. We allow those results to unfold how it’s best for the whole.

It’s not our burden to make things happen like we think they’re supposed to.

However, even deeper, we’re not the doer either. We’re the experiencer. Everything happens as an evolutionary movement or a rebalancing. It’s our job to have and digest experiences.

From this perceptive, it’s how we’re responding to what is unfolding that is more important than the action itself. This is because how we respond is what feeds and filters the energy. Energy drives action and has a larger influence on the result. Are we allowing a smooth unfolding or resisting? Are we repressing or grasping causing further resistance?

Whatever our perspective, the art comes in offering it all back to the Divine. It’s not the job of the conscious mind to make everything happen a certain way. Taking that on is trying to solve a problem that is not yours. Our job is to experience and enjoy. We co-create with the Divine by observing, acting as we’re called to, and offering it back. Our observation and digestion adds meaning and value to what is unfolding, fulfilling it.

Not that we don’t have responsibility for our actions. While actions move through us rather than from us, we still act as a filter that influences that flow. We’re each a unique emphasis of laws of nature. Even the most enlightened sage will have a few qualities they don’t want to amplify. Imbalance fades as light rises but only if we use a little discrimination and don’t amplify discord.

Planning is good but make outlines, not rules. Get to know the road but don’t be surprised if you end up on another one.

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  1. Jim

    Yes, beautifully said, David. Thank you. Yes, this is all training if you will, as we assume and dynamically perfect our inevitable role for the Divine. 🙂

    In addition to the self-referential dramas we compose during our incarnation on Earth, we also incur an unseen karma towards serving Divinity directly. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. 🙂

    Even though we may resist this inevitable service [to Divinity], we set such a momentum in motion with our birth, and rebirth. Nothing more than the natural law of payback, given the physiology we are blessed with.

    Oddly, as much as we may resist the full value of adherence to Mother’s creation, when we surrender completely and knowingly, we ironically gain full use.

    How cool is that? (laughs)

  2. The profundity of the interconnected nature of life offered another example this week. While clearing some karma from an ancient prior life that was expressing here physically, I became aware that someone else is living the same dynamics in the current time in the original place.

    The past echoing in the present, and the present echoing in the past.

    1. Jim

      Excellent! Yes, I had a possibly similar experience about two weeks ago. Someone related I hadn’t seen for ten years was found to be an angel, incarnate.

      Currently works as a nurse in the intensive care unit of a hospital. Also a mother. Radiates calm, beauty, presence, and unconditional love.

      One more strong affirmation that the time is ripe for the current quiet, inevitable, and smooth global transformation, towards Sat Yuga.

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