Update on Security

Update on Security

Once upon a time on the Internet, you only needed to secure your website if you were selling there. Yet browsing any unsecured website, especially on public WiFi, can easily be snooped. To make your activity more secure, web browsers are increasing their warnings about ANY site that doesn’t have a security certificate. The little “i” beside the web address is soon to go red and add warnings.

As a result, I’ve jumped through the hoops to add a security certificate to this site. “https” is now supported and you should see a green lock or similar beside the web address. There’s also a security icon at the bottom of the sidebar. If you’re coming from an old bookmark, you may want to update it. This will make little difference in your reading but will avoid future “Not Secure” warnings. No one can snoop on your use of the Contact or subscription forms either.

As this initiative is being driven partly by Google, having a certificate will help search engine rankings too. If you have a website yourself (other than a free blog*), you may find this article useful.

* wordpress.com and blogger provide this for you.


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