In ancient Indian tradition, a ceremony is performed prior to instruction. This is known as a guru puja. The ceremony recognizes the tradition from which the teaching comes. Such a puja typically has three parts: the lineage, offerings you would make to a guest in your home, and a celebration of the wisdom. It also serves to raise the consciousness of the teacher prior to instruction.

At the beginning of the guru puja is an invocation:

Apavitrah Pavitro va
Sarva Vasthan Gatopi va
Yah Smaret Pundari-kaksham
Sa Bahya-Bhyantarah Shuchih

“Whether pure or impure, whether all places are permeated by purity or impurity,
whoever opens himself to the expanded vision of unbounded awareness gains inner and outer purity.”

I explored this process in The Importance of Actual Yoga.

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2 Responses to Invocation

  1. Terry Ferguson says:

    Thanks, David – but it’s much more than that, as was revealed to me the last time I initiated a student in the Tradition.
    Hope you’re doing well. Maybe we can chat sometime and catch up on the nuances of our Journeys.
    All the best, Terry

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Terry
      Yes, I agree. I was reminded of the invocation recently and was inspired to share it. This article was essentially an introduction. 😉

      Yes, it would be great to chat.

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