Changes With Enlightenment

Changes With Enlightenment

When we awaken, one of things many are surprised by is how ordinary and normal it is. How did I not get this simplicity sooner? It often changes little about our outer life as the primary shift is deep within – who we recognize ourselves as being.

For some, there can also be outer changes that come before or after the shift due to karma completing or shifts in life cycles. But for many, life just continues as before. The same goodness and struggles but now from a new perspective.

Here, for example, I was surprised how normal and ordinary it was, yet also extraordinary. A few of my friends recognized something had changed right away. A few more recognized over time. Words usually gave it away – their impact or the way things were framed. But many noticed nothing of significance, except perhaps that I laughed more and sometimes inappropriately. (laughs)

Gradually, our perception refines and the way we relate to the world changes. This changes our behaviour and we stop producing new karma. Over longer periods of time, other karmas complete and life gradually simplifies. Dramas fade. Inner peace and our now boundless nature can be more dominant. And then a reliable inner happiness.

We may find that some things fall away we might not have expected and some things stay we would rather not. I’ve been surprised by the laws of nature that shift and those that don’t. We may also see things show up we wouldn’t have anticipated. I never expected writing to be prominent as it hadn’t been supported before nor had I developed much skill around it. We can’t assume what life may bring us.

Gradually the instant inner shift in consciousness moves into progressively denser layers of our expression. Anywhere that’s out of alignment gets realigned. Some may see a career or lifestyle change while others do not.

This descent or embodiment moves into every part of our being, even our history. As our past is healed, it can surprisingly sometimes change. History is not a limit to purification.

We discover large, deeply rooted assumptions that get uprooted. Mostly, these are about ourselves, who we are, and why we’re here. Some of those may seem obvious but there are many side effects we may never have guessed.

I’ve seen peoples eye colour change, body type change, and things move into and out of their lives in many ways. Always it was unique to that person.

Life becomes less and less about this person and more and more about the whole, our true nature. And yes, that wholeness is always in relation to this focal point of a human, what we once thought was all we were.


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  1. David

    Hey Davidya,
    I enjoyed this writing esp. about karma. Once I understood karma…a burden seemed to be lifted and along with it and a deeper sense of relaxation. Once aware that everything we do, think, etc. is karma it gives me greater enthusiasm and will to be more aware…yet more relaxed in accepting what happens or does not happen. We all must have some good karma to be into this “stuff” to begin with…lol! Enjoy!

    1. Hi David
      Yes, karma is often seen as a burden but it brings benefits as well. It is simply the field of action. Within that arises what is needed to resolve what is out of balance. That allows this field of experience we call the world to continue.

      Thus it can be used to evolve in consciousness.

      When we relax about what arises, we become less entangled by it. This allows it to resolve rather than cycling back around again.

    1. Well, it’s not always exciting but it’s certainly an adventure.

      Of course it will happen. It is inevitable. The question is then when.

      As it’s driven from beyond consciousness it’s inherently outside of time. And yet the whole field of time is an expression of the same.

      We can say it happens in the context of the whole, so yeah its not about a me. And yet, we can also say that if we engage in spiritual practices, attend retreats, and find acceptance within, it makes us more “inclined” and it certainly smooths the process.

      And yet, such things tend to arise not because a me wants them but because there are deeper drivers wanting to prepare the ground as needed.

      It’s an obvious and simple process but trying to put it into the context of space and time makes it a little paradoxical. 🙂

  2. Jim

    Thank you. Very well expressed. Yeah, we take the unexpected as commonplace now. The greatest difference in my life came after realizing Brahman, as I finally felt deep enough in the silence and flow of the cosmos that the subtle hints of seeking that had persisted after awakening, were gone. Replaced by a wonderful feeling that I am always up to my neck in comfortable mystery, with no way out! 🙂

    Speaking of changes, a funny story. My neighbor is intense to say the least – about my age – early 60’s, races motorcycles at 165 mph for fun and relaxation. Piercing eyes. So I was getting ready to do some yardwork, saw him, and wandered over. We’re yapping and then he stops and says how the neighborhood has gotten much ‘softer’ lately, with a look of puzzled acceptance. Field effects, and then some. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jim. Yeah it rather varies. My life started to shift about 2 years before I woke up and continued to for a bit after. It took a little time to adapt to what was now wanted. Turned out there were some deep memes about my role that needed to be disassembled.

      🙂 I’ve seen a few couples where one woke up by exploring other teachers while the other stayed “true” to one teacher. The second then woke up but gave 0 credit to being around the first. (laughs)

      1. Jim

        Thanks. Yes, my initial shift I could compare to rebirth as many do, just as an infant has little capability to be an adult when first born. So there is a growing up period, first by dint of articulating Reality, either spoken or through writing, and finally, the direct field effects I spoke of. Integration only moves in one direction, proven by action. The only reliable way to take one’s spiritual temperature.

        PS The couples you mention need more meditation and less co-dependence. 🙂

        1. Agreed, Jim. I sometimes describe it like being back in kindergarten again after each shift. Relearning how to be in the world.

          And yes, they sometimes talk of awakening as a rebirth or second birth. Unity has been described as being “thrice born” or second rebirth.

  3. lovejp

    Por este camino se libera: Hay que ir acrecentando la Conciencia y conforme uno va acrecentando la Conciencia, VA “MATANDO” KARMA, ¡y lo “mata” uno! : Si alguien, por ejemplo, se hace consciente del dolor que le produjo un negocio mal hecho (supongamos por ejemplo), descubre que el Yo del egoísmo estaba activo; entonces lo desintegra y “mata” karma; o descubre que el Yo de la ambición estaba activo, “mata” karma al desintegrarlo. Y si las gentes aprovecharan hasta el más ínfimo dolor de su vida para sacrificarlo, a la hora de la muerte desencarnarían sin karma, con Conciencia completamente lúcida, despierta y sin karma… Ahora, en la práctica hemos podido evidenciar que, realmente, los demás no son los que nos producen a nosotros los dolores, los sufrimientos; los sufrimientos los producimos nosotros mismos.

    Robot Translated:
    By this way it is liberated: It is necessary to go increasing the Consciousness and as one goes increasing the Consciousness, it GOES “KILLING” KARMA, and it “kills” one! : If someone, for example, becomes aware of the pain produced by a badly done business (say, for example), he discovers that the ego of selfishness was active; then it disintegrates and “kills” karma; or discover that the I of ambition was active, “kill” karma by disintegrating it. And if people took advantage of even the smallest pain in their lives to sacrifice it, at the time of death they would disembody without karma, with fully lucid consciousness, awake and without karma … Now, in practice we have been able to show that, really, others they are not those that produce to us the pains, the sufferings; the sufferings we produce ourselves.

    1. Hi LoveJP

      If I understand your points from the translation, it’s an interesting approach.

      I agree that increasing consciousness improves our ability to see the dynamics of karma. And I agree that when we see it, we dissolve and “kill” karma. And a willingness to see our pain allows us to resolve that too. And yes, we produce our own pain.

      However, by this process we would end our lives having resolved the suitcase of karma we brought in but not the mountains of karma remaining. It would take many, many conscious lives to resolve it all.

      Happily, there is a shortcut. It’s called waking up. When we wake up, the disentangling from the me-sense “roasts” the backlog. We also disentangle in our daily life, winding down the production of new karma.

      That just leaves the sprouted seeds still active which we wind down as you describe.

      Full lucid consciousness is not really possible until Unity stage when consciousness is clear enough to know itself fully.

      Thanks for commenting. It’s good advice.

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