Everything Awakens

Everything Awakens

I’ve spoken in several ways about the dynamics of consciousness. Fundamentally, there are three aspects – the observer, the object of observation, and the process of observation. We can even map the enlightenment process to those aspects being realized as Self; the first in Self Realization, the second in Unity, and the third in Refined Unity into Brahman

But we can also notice a fourth aspect – that of global awareness, able to observe the above process. This isn’t really another aspect: it’s the other three united as one lively alertness or fundamental awareness. This carries forward into post-Unity stages but because we’re beyond the process of experience, it’s no longer “experienced.” It’s an alert knowing-by-being. But even that phrasing falls short as it is beyond the sense of self required to recognize being. Yet it simultaneously includes it.

The world has never been created and yet here it is (Brahman perspective).

None of this is anything a person will reach or achieve. This is because it’s post-personal. It’s a step beyond our individuality into universality.

That universality also points to the greater embodiment of enlightenment. We have such a limited self-concept it’s hard to even comprehend a full embodiment. This is also partly because I’m dubious there is such a person in human form in the current time.

To point to what I mean, your physical body is made up of trillions of cells. Each of those cells is its own life that is born, lives, and dies. And each of those cells can wake up.

Your body also contains millions of devata, light beings that keep everything working and balanced. They also can all wake up in this process.

Your body is also concurrently cosmic, the body of all bodies. You contain literally all beings in all universes. All of those have a destiny to awaken.

All of this is going on at the same time. You can see why no one is currently fully embodied – it would take everyone awakening!

That cosmic body is also one with the Divine body which is what is waking everything up. Divinity is the true source of the effulgence of consciousness.

Our awakening is just one point in a much grander process. Yet we are simultaneously non-separate from the whole, so our awakening is key to support this grandly cosmic unfolding.

One way this is described in the Veda is as memory, smriti. The aliveness of consciousness is its own memory, tickling alertness to remember itself. In that perspective, we can see life and the world as a vast process of remembering.

Alertness awakens liveliness, liveliness awakens alertness.

We expanded out into the fullness of expression but got lost in the details, in the point value. Now we return to wholeness, expand back into source, remember who we are along with the details. It is a remarkable unfolding, its potential beyond imagining.


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  1. Uli

    “I was first taken back to the primordial beginning before creation and there experienced human evolution in the context of a larger cosmic agenda. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the most extraordinary Love, a love unlike anything I had ever encountered before. It was a romantic love, cosmic in scope and intensity. As I stabilized under this amorous assault, I began to remember from deep within my story. An ancient love, a divine love of unbelievable proportions. I was a Cosmic Being being loved by another Cosmic Being. Though at one level I had never been separated from my Lover, at another level we had been separated for billions of years, and my return was rekindling our ancient love. The pieces were hard to catch. Creation seemed to be a reality that had come forth from the dynamic relation between two Cosmic Beings, which had themselves emerged from a more fundamental Primal Unity. One Being,who felt more like a He, had remained fully conscious outside of matter while the other had plunged Herself into the task of creating the material dimension, knowing in advance that She would lose Her self-awareness in this work and become unconscious of Her true reality for billions of years. She had voluntarily submitted to this long and painful exile in order to create the raw substance of physical life that would in time become transparent to divine intention as matter evolved into full self-awareness. This work now largely complete, the self-imposed exile was coming to an end, and the Lovers were being reunited at long last….”

    Christopher Bache, Dark Night, Early Dawn: Steps to A deep Ecology of Mind

    1. Lovely quote, Uli. As you know I’d prefer to hear your voice rather than that of others available elsewhere.

      I would describe this as a perspective where time is still in play. She experiences that she’d become “lost” and yet is never lost. There is also the perspective that it all happened simultaneously, all at once, so there is no time getting to the end.

      But the apparently distinct beings doing the experiencing of this unfolding do experience being lost to their source, gradually coming back again.

      The waves forget they’re just ocean but the ocean doesn’t forget.

  2. Jim

    Well Done, David, and Happy Holidays!

    Yeah that ‘summary of awareness from any perspective’ we are able to Be, and see, has SUCH POTENTIAL. As you put so beautifully about the cells waking up, each with its own infinity.

    This evolves, to then imbue all of the awakeness within one’s self (Brahman perspective), with qualities as they become available.

    In other words to focus lightly on qualities like peace, clarity, and compassion, and by transmitting that deeply to all cells of the body, now made Cosmic, everyone in the area of focus wakes up a little bit, feels the freshness of opportunity and possibility slightly more, gets a bit more enlightened.

    Once there is a momentum of purification going on in one’s energy field, it expands naturally into vast areas of what is called conventionally, ‘the outside world’, and can be tuned as such. Such a glorious and unbelievable gift – endlessly satisfying also. 🙂

    This is when the universe unites coherently behind the desires that we are now able to cognize, support and sustain [in Brahman]. By continuing with the ever-present tools of devotion, stamina, and knowledge, there is nothing we cannot achieve, for ourselves and for this precious world. Right now. 🙂

    1. Jim, this is what excites me the most about the current time. So many have shifted and have begun influencing the cosmic. Gradually they’re unpacking then moving into functioning in the cosmic. How that shows up varies widely and depends on the dominant laws of nature in this form. But the net result is an opening up of everyone in all the details.

      The world still has a great deal of inertia. But yes, in the broader cycle of time all potential can be realized.

  3. Jim

    Very well said, and I could not agree more.

    Sure there is inertia in the world, though just hanging in there, resolute, has its effects too, as you well know.

    Pretty exciting stuff. From whatever perspective we may view it, the planet is waking up to its full potential, whichever comes first, second, in parallel or whatever.

    A glorious thing to witness, and as far as I can see, not only unstoppable, but accelerating along with our rate of change. On the one hand, a wild roller coaster of an unfolding, and on the other, the placid nature of a foregone conclusion. Both must be respected equally. 🙂

  4. Terry Ferguson

    Good one, David! Hope you’re enjoying life on the Island!
    We’re still on our flat island of Richmond, and expanding our consciousness into a new year.
    All the best,


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