Our Choices

Our Choices

Over the years, I’ve explored my family tree and done DNA testing. It’s fascinating to see how a family evolves and what changes things.

For example, my father was born in New Zealand and spent his early years on a cattle ranch. His father developed a health issue, and they chose to migrate back to western Canada where he had met his Australian wife.

Had they not made that choice, my parents would not have met and this form would not have been created. In fact, there are innumerable choices innumerable people made over the years that each would have led to a different outcome.

None of it would have prevented my soul from gaining a new life but it would have been a very different one.

On the other hand, history has a clear direction that seems to have been steered. This specific outcome was intended. Variations all seem to steer back to the main course.

Yet reflecting on might-have-been’s has little value aside from amusing a mind. More important is noticing how a difficultly like a health challenge is not all bad. There are numerous consequences that flow from every circumstance and choice. Within each movement is a resolution of our past and a steering forward. Not to mention what we’re learning along the way.

The intelligence in play is beyond comprehension. We cannot know where even the least of it leads. For example, we’ve all said and done things that have had a huge impact on others that we’re entirely unaware of.

If we can recognize this process, we’re much less likely to thrash about and make a stink when things happened differently than we “planned.” If we recognize the grand arc of life and learn to trust it, we’ll allow it to take us where we need to go. Life will go there anyway so it’s easier if we’re on board.

(apparently Jyotish tells us this is a good month for introspection.)

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  1. Alex

    Very timely. Thank you.
    Health issue ,like sleep in my case, opening up much more deep contractions stored in the body.
    Not always possible to open and trust completely though )). Sometimes too much.

    1. Yes, Alex, when we’re on a spiritual path, all sorts of things may be the catalyst for making things more conscious.

      And yes, i wrote about this in further articles. Sometimes, the step is simply to become conscious of a contraction. Or even just to move in that direction. Nothing forced.

      Small ones just need to be conscious and they’ll be digested away.

      For a big one, very gradually the “edges” are processed, mostly in the background until it can arise comfortably in awareness and release. Sometimes, then we may discover a big charge under the crust. For that too, just noticing is enough. The charge will gradually settle as the energy is relaxed. Little needs to be done directly except make it initially conscious. And then the core can be allowed and resolved.

      In some ways it’s like food. All we have to do is be conscious of it to eat it. Then the body will digest it.

      Gentle, as Share mentioned on Supporting Delusion.

      hmm – this is a good point I should write about. Thanks.

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