We are currently in an upward cycle of time, so evolution is naturally moving things along. But we often get distracted from dharma by the vagaries of karma, ego, and so forth.

What really keeps things moving is the divine. From the perspective of being in the world, we might call this intervention. Sometimes these flows are obvious, like when the divine takes form as an avatar (such as Rama or Krishna) or creates flashy events.

But much more often, interventions are small and subtle. For example, experiences often show up in our lives to help process an unresolved experience from the past. To make it conscious.  Similarly, insights and visions may take us to another level. Plus the grace of awakening itself.

We can see unplanned events showing up in our lives as karma; the past showing up to complete. But the integration and breadth of the field of karma is such that it requires profound intelligence. We can thus redefine all of life’s experiences as an intervention.

While life may often not feel very divine, we are immersed in it and never apart from it. Our awareness of that may vary or be absent. That’s what leads to some of the ways people frame their experience of the world – a prison, a hell, a delusion, a mirage…

Such descriptions speak more of the experiencer than of life itself. The divine is seeking to lift us up and illumine us but with choice and our limited awareness, we naturally stumble a little in the process.

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  1. An example of the above would be the recent time here. The flow of writing stopped, as it has occasionally in the past. It soon became clear this was to help facilitate some clearing as part of a larger process of embodiment.

    Yesterday, it began again, now with a bit of a backlog…

      1. Hi Gayanee
        It’s just the same process in pure Divinity but there’s been a lot of clearing in one area, mainly in the cosmic. But it brought a few curious events up in life, and another stop in the writing flow.

        That seems to have completed but the process continues. Have no idea where it’s going as I’ve not heard anyone describe it in any detail. 🙂

  2. Amaryllis

    Well said; life is divine, even the bits that are
    c h a l l e n g i n g. It’s a gift all of its own to experience this, instead of resistance to whatever is happening. The default reaction is slowly changing! 🙂

  3. Jim

    Thank you David – Yes, life is always guided by the divine. I have been through some terrific long term challenges and then some, and in retrospect needed to do so to quickly fulfill the desire to master consciousness. Sometimes the full sun is needed for an extended period of time to make fast the spiritual nature, cooking out any sustenance, emotional buffer, or “plan B”, and culturing infinite strength, stamina, and positive values; a transcendental nature. Once this process is well along we can even create a maximum enjoyment for ourselves and others by resting in and magnifying the love of the angels, goddesses, gods, and saints.

  4. Jim

    Yes, as is often the case.

    The only exception I can think of is Arjuna and his “family issues” as described in the BG.
    His was a temporary delusion due to a lack of complete integration of his qualities, the future 100% melding of his heart and intellect through transcending, but not from weakness or insufficient moral reasoning.

    The bleaching of the sun in his case was the pitting of his deep love for some of his family members, against who they actually were, and consequent actions taken.

    But, yeah, the common and usually accurate perception of why we are going through travails is a resistance based on our circular story or delusion vs. simply doing the work necessary for integrating and clearing one’s space (as Arjuna did). Quite a difference in the outcome of each of those perspectives too – one stands nearly still, while the other moves forward anyway.

    1. Agreed, Jim.
      As our awareness grows, our perspective changes and thus our approach to the world and it’s events. There can be old habits of action that take time to wind down. But at some point, the challenge is only in dealing with what has arisen (as in Arjunas case).

      Much simpler that dealing with our reactions to our expectations based on our stories about what is supposed to happen according to our plan thats based on another story, etc etc…

      1. Jim

        “Much simpler that dealing with our reactions to our expectations based on our stories about what is supposed to happen according to our plan thats based on another story, etc etc…”

        This is hilarious! Thank you. 🙂

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