Diversity vs Unity

Diversity vs Unity

In our experience of the world, we may have times when a sense of oneness is dominant. At other times, diversity is dominant. But in a curious way, they are the same thing. The difference is in how we are seeing it, not in what is here.

For example, our body is made of trillions of cells. Each cell is its own life form. Most cells are specialized – skin cells, bone cells, and so forth. A vast diversity. But if you pull back, you see one body with all the diversity working together. Our own body is a profound unity.

In the same way, we can see billions of people going about their lives. Different races, different skills, and different combinations of laws of nature emphasized. But pull back and you see one cosmic body, the body of all bodies. All working together in the whole.

A single cell or a single human are usually unaware of the bigger picture and their role in the whole. But if we have a sense of our gifts and skills and learn how nature supports our contribution, we’ll be able to support the whole. We don’t need the big picture to contribute. No one is apart from the whole.

Unity in diversity and diversity in unity. There is no difference except in how we may be looking.

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