Consciousness Unfolds

Consciousness Unfolds

In a recent talk, Lorne Hoff mentioned the Purusha and Prakriti aspects of the dynamics of consciousness. Observer, process of observation, and observed show in both the masculine and feminine, in spirit and in nature.

In Sanskrit, the 3 aspects are known as Rishi, Devata and Chhandas. We can organize this in chart form.

aspect Purusha Prakriti
rishi Shiva >< Parvati
devata Vishnu >< Lakshmi
chhandas Brahma >< Saraswati

It’s best to view this as fundamental principles or laws of nature rather than “Hindu gods”. Due to personalization, how we experience these principles will vary widely. They may show up as more western archetypes, for example.

The point here is the interrelationships. The process is differentiation rather than separation. As the Vedic texts note, Shiva would not exist without being expressed by Mother Divine. The Tridevi goddesses are the primary aspects of Mother Divine. They’re also paired consorts with the corresponding Purusha aspects. Brahma is said to have sprung from Vishnu. And so forth.

On this site, I describe a one into 3 into 7 process in unfolding creation. I’ve also talked about the related Pancha Devata that describes 5 primary forms. This somewhat overlaps with the above chart.

There are obvious ways the chart might be seen as part of the unfolding to 7 but that’s not yet clear. While it’s possible to engage in an intellectual process and “work it out”, it’s much more valuable if it’s based on experience rather than just concepts about concepts. Models are useful only in how they reflect reality. The further divorced from reality they are, the less valuable.

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