Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!

As real happiness comes from a grateful heart, that became my theme for this year. All the best of the season and a very Happy New Year!



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  1. Sarah

    Merry Christmas, David! What a beautiful sentiment for this time of year. 🙂

    I am grateful for you, your blog, and for the entire community of people–sometimes working together and sometimes working in parallel–who are paving the way, illuminating the path, or otherwise helping others find our way “home”.

    This time of year brings me reminders not to take these gifts for granted. Thank you!!

  2. Yes, Sarah. The verse is called Thanksgiving so I suspect it was written more for that. (I also read the Rudolf song was originally too) But it best matched what I was looking for, so I used it.

    And yes – a community that is gradually interconnecting. When I was younger, it was rare that different teachings touched. But as spirituality becomes more deeply rooted in actual spirit, such fears dissolve and a more universal perspective arises.

    True- gifts taken for granted can become forgotten and lost.

  3. Richard

    Season greetings to you too David and all the best in 2016. Looking forward to another retreat with Lorne next year and hopefully get to see you again. Really enjoy you blog – Thanks!

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