In Humanity

In Humanity

An ongoing discussion has continued with many of the Sofia panel participants. You may have noticed a few spoke of our humanity and the importance of not abstracting ourselves away from that, even if there may some phase where that’s the experience. We’ve shared some of the ways that unfolded and we currently relate to that. I observed (edited slightly for context):

For one, the dominance of the humanity varies over time. I’ve had times where it was essentially irrelevant, ignored in the vastness of peace and bliss. Times when the pain of all humanity was held in profound love. And times where the local humanity was more prominent here. Never overshadowing what has shifted but still, more here. Whatever the realization, embodying it is embodying it in our humanity.

But considering the vagaries of karma, I don’t think it requires we be more in our humanity to have a stumble. If the karma shows up with a blind spot, we’ll walk into it, however vast we are. As long as we’re in the play of action, the show will go on.

Rick mentioned a zoom lens analogy. Sometimes we’re more zoomed into the body-mind, such as in this task of writing. Other times, we’re more zoomed back into the presence. I’ve found that sometimes it’s not going out as far or in as far for a time. The spaciousness remains but is more or less focused.

The distinction is interesting to consider also. Sometimes, this form and expression is seen as a perfection of the divine with a complexity and profundity that’s hard to take in. Other times, the flaws and limitations are more prominent. In a curious way, both are humbling. (laughs)

I went on to joke about the need to sustain some ignorance to sustain the ignorance.

Perhaps the analogy of bleaching the cloth. There are times when soaking in the dye is prominent. And times when bleaching is more the need. The end result is integration and embodiment but both are needed.

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