Our Energy Structure

Our Energy Structure

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From a recent discussion with some others with refined perception, edited slightly for context.

The energy structure that people describe is usually the layer that underlies the physical expression. This is quite different from that in trees or insects. But they have the same underlying principles, just distinct expressions.

I’ve been shown that what differentiates life from inanimate objects – which otherwise have the same underlying layers of being – is the chakras. But this is chakras on the level of the bliss body, where the form of our world first begins expression. On this level, there is just one set that is expressed into all beings. In that set, all 7 are the spinning vortexes, in an equidistant straight line. The colours are not physical colours we have names for.

From that layer, they express forward through the layers into the energy structure specific for that type of being. How much a specific chakra is expressed varies widely. When we bend our back, the energetic chakras move with us. They’re not all equidistant in every human. Sometimes, they’re not even aligned well. On different layers, we can experience them differently, like as a geometry, as a flower, as a vortex, and so on.

One other thing I’ve observed I’ve not seen in the texts yet. There is of course the standard sutra (thread) that comes down into the top of the head, connecting us with source, through the layers of creation. But there is also another that comes directly into the heart, at right angles. It’s actually a more direct route. This is partly what makes the heart such a key point.

To me, creation unfolds in a 1 into 3 into 7 process. For the chakras, the heart is the fulcrum and the upper and lower 3 chakras are mirrors of each other from that centre.

From the perspective of the cosmic body, the one body that contains all bodies and all of creation, there is a sub-body I call the devata body. It’s basically composed of gazillions of light beings that are just points of light. No forms. A finger is a light city of them. As a group, they manage the functioning of that part of the body of all beings in all time in creation simultaneously. For context, that’s vastly more than all beings in our universe now – this includes all universes and all time.

I mention this because they’re the ones that place the chakras into our universe and manage that expression into the various beings. I’ve never explored if they do the same chakras in other universes. Each of those is distinct and has somewhat different laws of nature. hmm, but it looks like they typically use the same 7 as a foundation.

[then we shift into a discussion of the distinction between an object and the being responsible for it.]

Yes, in some ways, the being responsible and the couch are one, undivided. The beings are not identified with the couch the way humans can be caught in their objects of perception. But it is a creation intimate to them. Their life work in a sense. I differentiate them though because it’s not all a one-to-one relationship. If, for example, you had 2 couches of the same type, there would probably be one being for both.

But it is useful to recognize that even “man-made” objects have intelligence that maintains them.

Plants are more obvious that way. When you have a bed of pansies, there is one being that manages them. If there is a lot, more beings. Not a one-to-one, in my experience.

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  1. Peter

    It’s nice to be reminded that when the ego’s agenda eases off, the body is free to express from it’s intelligent deeper nature. Maybe all parts of the body have their own purpose or Dharma that is free to express when the body is freed from being subservient to the ego drama?

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