What God Made

What God Made

Once you take away most of the personal expectations and begin living life “in the flow” of the divine, your life becomes much simpler (typically) and smoother. But life can take some unexpected turns, such as when you’re called to take a direction that you wouldn’t have otherwise or that doesn’t make sense.

(or like when the server migration went sideways this week)

But as you learn to trust that, you find it typically works out wonderfully. In fact, you can get quite used to things just working out well. This is not to say there won’t be some karma burn in the process. But now you know this is a cleaning up process that gets better, not a weighing down that gets worse. All of it becomes recognized as the “need of the time”, a passing phase.

What remains when the dross clears is the laws of nature in you that were intended. Often, this is not what you might expect. There will be things that fall away you may have thought of as “higher” and innate. An interest in debate or music, for example. Perhaps it had been driven by the past rather than the divine. And there will be things that stay you may not have expected to. Some, for example, have the gift of disruption.

This may not feel very perfect to you, but as the life unfolds, you discover a far more comprehensive perfection is unfolding. A marvelously complex opening of which we’re all a part. A profoundly integrated symphony. Not so apparent in the surface details perhaps, but these are but a side effect of the much grander plan unfolding in the world. The Lila, the divine play.

Enjoy the journey!

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  1. Rose Rosetree

    Davidya, there’s a cliche to refer to “wit and wisdom.” You really earn that phrase in the best sense in this juicy little article.

    I’m especially fond of “Perhaps it had been driven by the past rather than the divine.” As for the term, “karma burn,” you made that up too, didn’t you?


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