Solutions Before Problems

Solutions Before Problems

It can be very curious how things show up in life for no apparent “reason”. They may even seem disruptive or annoying. But later these things can turn out to be solutions to problems we didn’t even recognize yet.

This is not to say that solutions actually come before problems. They actually come together – every apparent problem has it’s own resolution, it’s own solution. That’s in the nature of energy itself. That becomes much more clear as we step more deeply into the the flow of life itself, rather than our story we tell ourselves about it.

Sometimes, we notice the solution first. But because we don’t yet see the problem looming upon us, we don’t see it as a solution. Just a circumstance or bit of information. We then may wonder why such a thing is showing up, questioning it’s presence or meaning.

Or the problem shows up and we don’t see the solution, even though the signals of the solution are all around us. But sometimes karma is at play, giving us a blind spot. That means it can take a little time to recognize the solution. Then we have our Doh! moment.

Or perhaps we recognize a solution but not realize the degree of the challenge it’s perfectly addressing. We engage it, only to discover just how important it is.

All of this though is based on being in the flow of life. Things arise and resolve in the cycles of time. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for lack of insight. Just endeavor to do your best.

There is a big distinction between the flow and our more local perception of it. Our story and expectations of “what my life is” can get in the way of seeing whatever is arising. Later, with less of a story, we can notice what is happening more easily and treat it appropriately.

But it remains a learning process for some time. We have lifetimes of habit to undo.

UPDATE:  By request, I’ll make up a story example. While I have several personal examples, they’re a little personal for the web.

Say you’re self-employed and working from home. Then a friend gives you a bunch of office clothes. A perfect fit but what for? Then your car breaks down and it becomes apparent it will be more cost effective to replace it. And you keep getting sent great articles about office work. Then out of the blue, an old contact offers you the perfect office job with excellent perks and pay. Rather than having a sudden problem with updating wardrobe and car, it’s already taken care of.  The solutions were already unfolding before the challenge had shown up. Preparation was underway before you were aware of what you were being prepared for.

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  1. Speaking of stories, Davidya, it would be great if you could supply an example of this. Personally I can’t wrap my mind around it. A little tale might make this fascinating blog even better.

    A humble request from your fan, Rose.

  2. Hi Rose
    Sure – I added an Update to the post, making up an example to give a better sense of it.

    I’m sure you’ve had the experience yourself but may have framed it differently.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Sometimes, I stay too much in the abstract. 😉

  3. Alan Faulkner

    Thanks Davidya. That’s my experience also. I started noticing it as soon as I started meditation years ago. Of course when I rail against the solution that has appeared, that is when the grief starts. 😉

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