True Law

True Law

Also in a recent discussion, a consideration of law I’ll share here.

When people are out of touch with who they are, they act from unfulfilled desires and reactivity rather than sense. They put their own interests ahead of others and conflicts ensue. And thus, laws are prescribed and moral codes proclaimed. But as those laws exist in the same pot as the problems that created them, they tend to be applied unevenly and unjustly.

We’re now in a time where people are balking at the old codes and rightly recognizing them as unnecessary obligations rather than useful guidelines. But as the transition is incomplete, people are still experimenting to find their moral compass and values. That’s a good thing but a certain amount of drama is playing out in the process, like over “new” rights and freedoms. We keep finding more things we forgot or were not yet willing to concede in prior editions of enshrined rights. 😉

And yet there are still hate crimes and people who are discriminated against based on what they look like. Science has slowly caught up to recognize the biology of sexual orientation, and so on.

I suspect we’ll eventually see institutions like the courts largely fall away, replaced with something more like reconciliation and peace gatherings. And far more effective healing modalities.

I think there will be agreed upon cultural guidelines that will vary by region, following the laws of nature in an area. Celebrations, practices and recognitions will continue but the heaviness will fall away. When the devata are more conscious, life will be lead by the expression of the divine. Men’s laws will fall away as relics.

We have a lot of growing to do.

And a lot of waking to do. Quite a few laws of nature are still asleep, inactive in the world. According to the old texts, over half of them. We cannot imagine a world with more than twice the intelligence awake and operating, let alone the synergies they create together. Possibilities beyond comprehension. And yet, we’ve been there before. This is far from the first rising. 😉

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