The Fear of Love

The Fear of Love

At a talk today, the minister Bruce Sanguin mentioned how the ego defends against love. Love requires surrender which the ego abhors. It has to consent to let it be.

While the radio may be full of songs about a lost love and the pain of love, our fear of love more deeply arises from ego’s wanting to control.

This is why the flowering of the divine heart and divine love happens after the ego has surrendered with Self Realization. We have to discover who we are before we can really know God.

The irony of this comes out when we recognize everything is quite literally love. That all of life is  the flow of divine love. We are literally immersed in it.

As Denise Hagan sings in the song Nothing Without My Love:

There is nothing, without my love
Simply nothing, nothing at all
No earth below you, no sky above
without my love,
without my love.

For the trees that whisper softly in the autumn
are just my way of saying I love you
And the butterfly that rests about the roses,
belongs in my heart too…

Another variation on this is from Peter Mayer’s Holy Now:
When Holy Water was rare at best
it barely wet my fingertips
But now I have to hold my breath
Like I’m swimming in a sea of it.

This is not just some idea or dream –  it can become a fully lived experience, right in the body and senses.

This is the time of year when nature comes to rest and peace is upon the earth. In that quietness we can more easily awaken to the love within. It is always with you, waiting to be found.

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  1. Hi Share!
    Yes, it’s true. But first we need to discover its even there. 😉

    If the divine is omnipresent, that means everywhere. And that darned ego? Where would we be without it? There has to be some mechanism for functioning distinctly in the world. The issue is only that it makes a poor master.

  2. Hi Share
    yes, there can certainly be that recognition. How the me trusts or doesn’t trust does affect our subjective experience of what is here though.

    We can speak to what is true for us but also want to point to how we come to that recognition. Otherwise, it can seem like some idealistic dream. My On Bliss post, for example.

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