Kundalini Book

Kundalini Book

The book Kundalini Vidya is back in print again. Ordering direct is cheaper. It’s now sold through Amazon.

It’s a reference I’ve mentioned several times, plus on the Books page above. I mention this for those who have asked about it recently.D

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    The author of KV, Joan Harrigan, runs a retreat center in Knoxville called PKYC Patangali Kundalini Yoga Care. As someone who’s attended their main retreat, I can attest to the efficacy of their work. I had what is called a deflected kundalini. During my time there in 2009, it got fixed. If you are at all interested in their work, a visit to their website is useful. Testimonials can be quite moving and informative.

  2. Thanks, Share. It was through your copy of the book that I discovered it. It’s by far the best I’ve seen at describing the process and some of the variations and details.

    From my perspective, they are a valuable resource for kundalini issues. However, I would not recommend their general practices outside of that function. It appears they offer a concentration form of meditation. I recommend effortless practice for more reliable samadhi.

    Of course, someone else’s experience may vary but for me the key is samadhi or transcendence. The kundalini will awaken when the times comes and the process is then more likely to be smoother.

    I don’t know if they try to encourage a rise or not but it is common to a number of related traditions. A practice that emphasizes energy but doesn’t have the grounding in silence is more likely to lead to bumps.

  3. In any case, it can be useful to understand something of the process and the book addressed a few things I’d not seen elsewhere, like makara.

    Of course, it doesn’t cover everything – our entire energy structure is massively complex and multilayered. It’s also fundamentally cosmic.

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    Their “process” also involves meditation, including whatever meditation a client has already been practicing. Remember, their specialty is not awakening kundalini but rather helping with kundalinis that are stuck or deflected. When I was at PKYC in 2009, their success rate was 96%.

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    Thank you and just to add that their specialty is helping people who already have kundalini issues. And maybe most importantly, participants practice whatever form of meditation they are already practicing. PKYC then recommends asanas and pranayama for the specific kundalini problem the person is having.

  6. Thanks. I recommend the book because it is very well done and clear. And I’ve recommended their services to a few people because of others like yourself that have spoken so highly of them.

    But I have not used their services myself so am only generally familiar with that.

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