The Divided Soul

The Divided Soul

The idea that the soul can ever be divided or broken is false. It may well feel like that for some but the soul is that point of awareness in awareness aware of itself at every point. It is never separate from the whole. It is like a wave on the ocean of life, never apart from the ocean.

What is divided is our energy. And our conscious connection to our soul. Most have veils that divide us from knowing (and feeling) who we are. Most are identified with the form of our expression in some way – with the idea of a me, with the body or how we feel, or with some combination of these. But all of this is an effect of who we are, not the actuality. And not the soul from which our life flows.

Sometimes this is also applied to ideas like soul mate or twin flame. That we are somehow incomplete  without a certain special person. Again, who we are is always whole. When we feel divided from that and seek it outside of ourselves, we will never find it. Our lovers will always disappoint.

Most of us move through life, connecting to a group of souls we’ve known for a very long time. We’re typically around the same place on the journey and support each other, helping resolve those old energetic barriers. We may feel compelled to be with someone but this doesn’t make them “the one and only” but rather our best means of supporting each other at this time. In another lifetime we may well have had a completely different relationship with them. Or a similar one that left many unresolved threads we’re now working on.

In an ideal relationship, we come into it whole and open. They are our vehicle for sharing love and support but we do not require them to complete us. Rather we share the same completeness. This is called our upaguru in Sanskrit. It is one way devotion may show up.

When we dissolve the energetic nodes of the mesh that tie us to form and karma, we can settle into our source. This allows us to awaken to who we are, undivided, rather than be confused by the drama of form and effects.

And then you will know for yourself that you are whole and have always been.

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  1. Annie

    Hi Davidya,
    Thank you for this blog!
    I am new to seeking the truth, my friend went to a shaman recently, having never been to one or heard of one before I was researching and found that shamans believe in soul retrieval as they believe that parts of the soul can leave a person in times of duress and that those parts don’t come back until they are retrieved. This doesn’t sit too well with me but I also can’t say it’s not true as I don’t know how to disprove or prove otherwise. Have you had experience with shamans? Thanks Davidya!

  2. Hi Annie
    My experience with shamans is very limited. It has not been part of my path.

    But I am familiar with this teaching. And you raise a very good question. In this case, what they mean by the word “soul” is not the same as I mean. As I note in the article, the energy can be fragmented.

    From a slightly different perspective, it is caught in a node, invested in an unresolved experience (trauma) in our near or distant past. That can be experienced as caught in a different place or time, thus spread out or fragmented. It can be healed here and now, or in memory of the past. When we resolve that, the energy is released and that aspect of ourselves can rejoin the whole. Our expression becomes more complete.

    The sense of being fragmented is just one of several ways this might be experienced. But as it is unresolved trauma, it tends to be repressed and pushed aside from our experience.

    Healing does not mean reliving the trauma. It’s just about releasing the energy and allowing it to complete.

    That is my perspective on this, at least. Who we are is never divided but our expression and experience may appear divided until it is healed.

    On the Shamans path (called the red path by some), they have very sacred practices of self knowledge. But I would be very careful of the popularized programs that encourage drug trips to gain experiences. While this can open doors, it tends to leave very strong impressions and can seriously damage our energy system. A true path does not seek experiences but rather connection to source and wholeness.

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