More Time!

More Time!

Many people feel a lot of pressure on time. That there is never enough time to get what we “need” to do done. Not to mention some time for ourselves, our families, our friends, that good book, etc etc.

All of this is a pressure about doing. A deep sense of expectation about what should be different. And that has a lot to do with our stories we’ve developed about who we think we are and thus what we’re supposed to do.

The curious thing about time is that it appears to be able to grow and shrink, like when we’re bored and stuck waiting for something vs when we’re having the time of our life. But this is just our perception of time, related to our metabolism and degree of resistance.

Time is not an object or thing so it’s not something that can grow or shrink. And it’s not another dimension of space. Time is an effect of the process of experience – the devata. How we experience time depends on our relationship with experiencing. Are we resisting or open? Are we engaged or stuck? Are we identified with our perceptions or are we self-aware? Are we agitated or calm? These are what affect our perception of how much time there is.

Thus, we can’t really create more time in the context of a day. But what we can do is relax and ease into life. Drop resistance and enjoy. As resistance falls away, we increasing engage the flow of life and shift into simply experiencing what is here. This is like the difference between trying to control the flow of the river and letting the boat go into the flow.

Then things come together more easily, learning is faster, solutions arise spontaneously, opportunities are noticed, and so forth. Also, life is smoother and less frustrating. This  moves time more into the background. Have you noticed how time disappears when you’re in the zone, doing what you love? You’ve shifted from seeing time as an object you “manage” to stepping into the flow of life, one with time. Then time can seem eternal.

With the loss of identification with objects of perception, the pressure is relieved and life flows with increasingly greater ease. Because time is an effect of the devata that are creating experience, time is automatically adapted to the needs of itself.

We then find that life fits into the time available. We arrive at the right time even if it seems something else is happening. We learn we can trust life.

It’s not time we need more of, it’s pressure we need to dial down. Pressure we’ve placed on ourselves by trying to control life and what we’re experiencing. But that’s not our job.

Be easy, and life will fall into place. Everything becomes much better than anything we could have organized through all our supposed to’s.

You’ll know when you’ve got it. You’ll be happy.

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