Cosmic Variation

Cosmic Variation

I’ve spoken a little lately about the Cosmic Body. How all physical bodies are actually one body, expressing itself in a myriad of ways.

One example I can use here is this form. I mentioned here in The Experience Followup about the above and how it was expressing through this particular form as a vacuum. I can also observe the very visual style through which I’m shown the structure of creation and the way the divine expresses itself. That’s partly related to specific gifts here rather than a universal way enlightenment unfolds. Thus some articles like what I describe in Mind of God are somewhat specific to this path rather than all paths. Yet this is how we can support each other, with sharing our own gifts.

How does one reconcile one Cosmic body with this variation and all these local bodies we obviously experience? It’s very simple, really. It’s the physical expression of how consciousness is aware of itself both globally and at every point within itself. Those points are never separate from the whole but they do each form a slightly different perspective. Think of all the little mirrors on a dance floor mirror ball. Each reflects light in their own way. And that is how the dance is illuminated and this vast nothing comes to know everything about everything. Through all these points expressing as apparently distinct but always united beings.

The cosmic body contains all the laws of nature which act through the subordinate devata body. Your little finger is a whole city of devata, little points of intelligent light. The ones on the left side of the tip of your right little finger are the same ones in all beings.

However, those devata do not express the same way in all beings. They work as a team to express a fingernail here, a claw there. And they do this simultaneously for all beings in all time. We could say our form is an expression of a pattern of devata emphasis. Specific aspects are emphasized in each form to create a variety of ways of self-knowing, each contributing to the wholeness of all. If we were all the same, we would experience it the same and there would be no point in the vastness of what is here. Our uniqueness is essential to the whole yet is never apart from it. It is intrinsic.

Our pattern of devata is reflected throughout the form – our body style, our talents and gifts, our karma and dharma. Even details like fingerprints and facial features reflect the pattern. The ancients learned to read these patterns in various ways to reveal our emphasis and purpose.

Life is a symphony of design that has a size and complexity beyond our comprehension. And yet the fundamentals are straightforward: one wholeness expressing in a profound variety of ways, simply to unfold itself to the greatest degree possible.

We are never divided from the whole; we are never other than the one cosmic body. Even your personality is cosmic. But don’t let that go to your head. (laughs)

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  1. Bernie

    Very beautiful, David. If we were all the same, life would be so very dull and dry, no variety. But “Life is a beautiful mosaic of differences” as Maharishi once said.
    I like what you said: “Specific aspects are emphasized in each form to create a variety of ways of self-knowing, each contributing to the wholeness of all…”
    “…Our uniqueness is essential to the whole yet is never apart from it. It is intrinsic…”
    It’s always fun to share our gifts with each other since a gift manifested in one isn’t necessarily a gift exactly expressed in another due to the unique expression of bundled natural laws in each of us, as you said, even when those bundles are the same in each one, or in each one’s right tip of the little finger, as an example.
    And it is true pre-awakening, and post-awakening as well..
    I really enjoy this!
    Question: do I still need to put a dot to separate a paragraph from another with this new page/blog format?

    1. Yes, Bernie, it’s in sharing that we grow and support each other. Some have more overt gifts, others quieter ones. But all have value i supporting the whole.

      And no, paragraph separation no longer required with the new theme. If I had known that was a theme issue, I would have migrated sooner. 🙂

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