What is Consciousness Published

What is Consciousness Published

I do almost no publicity or networking for this blog. It has grown by word of mouth and happenstance. Until recently, I blogged under an alias.

A few months back, I was invited to contribute an article to Science to Sage on-line magazine in an issue themed on consciousness. This issue was delayed a couple of times but has finally been published.

As a benefit to readers, the editor has invited me to send a link to the magazine issue for my readers for free. The issue is normally $8.

The issue is a wide-ranging smorgasbord and very graphical. I’ve not read the other articles yet and certainly don’t endorse the other content. But you may enjoy a browse. Other contributors include Eliza Mada Dalian, Bruce Lipton, Austin Vickers, and Dean Radin.

My article begins on pg. 104. A PDF (3MB) with the cover pages and just my article is here. I also posted the article in February as a three-parter beginning here.

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