A Little History

A Little History

I began this blog in ’07 at a time when I was active professionally on-line in web technology. My spiritual journey was also in a new and rapidly unfolding place. As such I chose to blog here under a nickname while I shared what was being discovered. While I’ve not actively hidden who I am, I’ve not made it completely obvious.

Gradually, the on-line persona and my real life have been coming together. Now I’m getting invitations to speak at conferences, write magazine articles, and so forth. To be able to share that here and the blog there, it’s time to come the rest of the way “out.”

This shift may burn a bridge or two but as they say, when you close one door, others will open.

I’ll still be using the nickname as a surprising number get to this blog by searching for it. My given name David is also a little generic for the web world. But I’ve updated my About page with a little more about me and my journey if you’re interested. (don’t let the picture scare you)  😉

I’ll be sharing a few articles as multi-part posts as they work their way through editing and editors. And the book is still underway. Am just completing a research project on one aspect of the process as I discovered a flaw in the context I was using and had to go much deeper into an area I had little background in.


Last Updated on May 6, 2014 by Davidya

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  1. Rob

    Thank you for the update David. I have found this blog to be incredibly fascinating and useful. And just nice to meet someone who knew Dan 🙂 If you find yourself in NYC speaking I would enjoy attending.


  2. Davidya

    Hi Rob
    Thanks for the feedback. Dan and I had some great discussions. His discourses with Edg were epic though. Well – we’ll see where this goes, but thanks. I’ll have to migrate this free blog to it’s own site if it develops like that. 😉

  3. steve lee

    David: So nice to finally meet the person behind all the wonderful writings/blogs, and the email correspondence you’ve shared with me. Its due to your blog that I came across Lucialorne and have now been benefiting from their live videos. [Your photo shot looks just great].

    I greatly admire and value your insights so I hope you can keep all of us readers updated with any books or talks you might be giving. Where was your TTC and when? Mine was in Vittel, France in late 1975.

    Look forward to your continued writings and correspondence and hopefully meeting you one day soon.

    Dan (now that’s my real name!)
    – snip – email address

  4. Davidya

    Hi Dan
    Thanks. Yes, they were key to my shift and have been very supportive of the unfolding. Lorne was on Purusha for 7 years.

    (laughs) Sounds like we may have shared a course. I was in Vittel Oct 75-Apr 76, L’Ermitage, then Le Grand. Hung with the Canadians.

    As a free blog, I can’t have commercial content so expect to migrate at some point. But there will be links…

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