Culturing the Feelings

Culturing the Feelings

In another forum, I made the following comment as some of the “enlightenment fundamentalists” were categorically discounting energy work.

I think it worth noting an observation. In India, they have historically had a profound devotional culture, along with rigorous intellectual exploration. In the west, we’ve focused largely on the second, mind over heart.

As a result, many have a much more muted version of God consciousness (or the more politically correct Refined, Glorified, or Celestial Con.). There simply isn’t the refined feelings nor acceptance of the celestial aspect. Some even deny the stage exists even though it is mechanically required.

While I certainly agree that the majority of what’s out there is nonsense, it can be profoundly useful to recognize our feeling dynamics, how to work with our energy bodies (and kundalini), and have some familiarity with experiences that may arise. It’s much more fun if we understand what’s happening.

There are very practical reasons for this as well. Ideas like “nature’s support” and “environmental cooperation” hinge on our feelings. The laws or devas work in the feeling/ energy range so if we’re culturing negative or dismissive feelings, this is what we’re feeding. It will attract things we don’t want and weaken those we have.

(note that it’s natural to feel the full range of emotions – the point is – note what you’re  dwelling on)

You’re welcome to take this as woo-woo hooey, but I’d invite you to try an experiment. For a month, for one minute each day, think of something different to be grateful for. Really open and feel it. Monitor what happens. Most find their whole feeling tone climbs, so their enjoyment of life and relationships increases. Plus, this tone supports and welcomes those who help make things happen. Most will notice more coincidences or synchronicities arise.

This will give you a taste of what a profoundly open heart can accomplish. And what if you had a direct relationship with the doers and shakers of the world?

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