Components of Consciousness

Components of Consciousness

If we understand that all experiences are derived from consciousness and arise in consciousness, we have a deep sense of the nature of the world. From that, you may view all as consciousness. This perspective is valid throughout Unity but falls away when even consciousness is recognized as an effect of perspective.

Consciousness may be said to have 3 parts, though it remains one. There is what is seeing, the experiencer. There is what is seen, the objects of perception. And there is the process of perception itself, the seeing. By process, I don’t mean the mechanism of sense perception but rather the way consciousness experiences itself. The senses are an evolution of that fundamental process.

When the division of subject and object falls away in the Unity switch, there is only the seeing. However, it can still be useful to separate the aspects when looking at the mechanism of creation itself.

For example, under Mahavakyas I mentioned 4 related realizations:

Aham Vishvam: I am the Universe
Devo Hum: I am the Devata
Aham Shrivir: I am the Cosmic Body
Veda Hum: I am the Veda

These are the sequence in which they may be experienced, but it doesn’t reflect their role.
For example in the above, the Universe and the Veda reflect the process of expression, the seen.  The Cosmic Body and the Devata body and the resulting energy bodies reflect the process of experience, the seeing. Consciousness itself can be experienced as both global and aware at every point. Because of our mechanism of perception, all aspects – seer, seeing and seen are all initially experienced as objects, seen. As we then experience becoming them, they may be related to as the seer. United with, just as seeing. All this is just a dance in our relationship with who we are.

It would also be worth reexamining the Mahavakyas themselves in light of a deeper understanding of Brahman. Recognizing Atman as Brahman is an aspect of the Brahman shift rather than Unity. ‘I am That, Thou art That, All This is That, That alone Is’ reflect the progression into Unity prior.

These may seem like fine points but the closer words come to truth, the better they can enliven the truth within.

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