Your Whole Life Is About Awakening

Your Whole Life Is About Awakening

“Everything that happens to you from moment to moment happens because it has the highest probability of waking you up. I know that this idea might sound crazy, but there’s no getting around it. Your entire life has one agenda: awakening.”
Tom Stine

This makes more sense if we consider all of reality exists as a process of self-knowledge, of waking more deeply to itself. This is of course reflected in every aspect of itself, including each of us.

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik
    Yes, I’d say everything we experience arises in that context of self-discovery, even if we don’t recognize it. As that reaches a certain point, then there is an awakening.

    Although there is certainly other ways that arises. (laughs)

  2. dthanja

    …it’s why I am convinced of the necessity to remind: we are not our experiences… they are meant to serve us, not the other way around. Embracing the concept that all we experience feeds our Awakening is a beautiful and extremely powerful concept, one I am learning to hold fast to and share when ever possible!
    …thanks for this post!

  3. Davidya

    Thanks for the feedback, Dthanja
    Yes, it’s true. When we identify with out perception, we experience the world of duality and separation. When we step back from that a bit, we begin to see what is actually occurring and our relationship with life is transformed.

    1. Hi Lewis

      I describe this as witnessing dreams. The awakeness within is awake even when we’re dreaming. We’re aware of the dream and that we’re dreaming both.

      This doesn’t necessarily mean we remember the dreams any better though. (laughs)

  4. Lewis Oakwood

    “We’re aware of the dream and that we’re dreaming both.” —

    Could it also be said:— We’re aware of the appearance (life/the world) and that we’re appearing both.


    David, thank you.

    1. Ah – you refer to another layer of this. Yes, there can be the experience of the world being like a dream and that this life is also an appearance.

      The question then is – who’s dream? We’re participating in it but its not a personal dream.

  5. Lewis Oakwood

    “Who’s dream.” — Simply a dream.


    The question may be asked: actually, can a dream appear within the imagined person or is there simply the appearance of a dream?

    1. Both. 🙂
      A dream at night is within the apparent person (or at least in their mental body) where the collective is within the larger Self as simply an appearance.

      The larger waking dream is one appearance but it is seen in many different ways by the various points of experience.

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