Change Control?

Change Control?

Last night, former US President Bill Clinton spoke in town. Evidently, he gave a wide-ranging talk on a number of global issues. On Haiti, his current project, he spoke in essence of the “teach a man to fish” model. “No matter how many people we put in school, how many sick kids we see in health clinics…within a matter of years it will be gone again unless we can build the capacity for them to live their own lives and not need us anymore.”

I agree fully that pouring aid into an area without building sufficiency just leads to the need for more. Even in my city, aid is poured into the rough part of town at a rate that would give all the disadvantaged a good income. Yet they see little of it directly. (yes, some are not capable of managing their own lives, but that’s another discussion)

More interesting was this quote: “You have millions of people in our country and all around the world just screaming for change to stop so the ground doesn’t move under their feet everyday and they can get back to some basic level of control.”

This is a whole different message that’s not being groked yet, I suspect even by Mr. Clinton. Change is the nature of life. And right now, change is accelerating, partly to shake us loose from what we’ve been resisting. As long as we fight that change, we’ll be struggling to hold on and suffering. When we learn to go with the flow, the ride gets much smoother. We begin to find happiness with what is.

We discover life is not about control. It’s about moving with the flow. For some reason, the film Contact comes to mind. In the movie, they change the capsules plans to add in a secure seat for the pilot. After being heavily shaken in the seat, she undoes her harness and floats freely. In the end, her only injury is from the added seat broken loose.

Smile. Life is a lot of fun if you let it be.  😉

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  1. There seems to be some fairly universal paradigm about “staying in control” or “being in control.” I cringed last month when my mother made a comment “Everything thing’s under control, and that’s the most important thing.”

    The Contact analogy was a perfect example of what can happen when attempting to control and secure something is experienced as being violently shaken and stirred. In her case, she used her knowing to “let go” and free herself from this control…and she floated.

    What comes to my mind in this moment is the gulf oil disaster. While understandably every effort is being made to “gain control” of this oil spill in 3rd dimensional ways, the Universe is not allowing for that to happen. Perhaps what life is showing us here is that for what appears to be “better or worse” one must allow the flow to happen, and then we will be guided to resolving the situation from a higher level of knowing.

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    Contact is a wonderful movie. And if you watch carefully during the pertinent scene, you’ll see that if the heroine had stayed in the added seat, which btw she told the builders not to add since it wasn’t in the plans the aliens sent, if she had stayed in the seat, she probably would have been killed.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Shamballa
    Ultimately, when we lose our connection with source, this is what causes this need to hold on and control. We feel like we’re on a ship, buffeted by the storms of life, not realizing we’re the ocean. If we can hold on hard enough, we’ll be safe. Yet what we’re holding on to is vapour, a side effect, an illusion. This is why life can be a struggle.

    I would not exactly word it “allow the flow to happen” but I understand what you mean. More that we allow the circumstance to be as it is – we can’t change that. But we can make every effort to try to fix the issue. And I agree that being able to step back a bit and see the bigger picture would help. The old paradigms have not worked.

    Part of that bigger picture is seeing the folly of poking deep holes in the earth where you have no tested ability to manage the consequences. They face issues of water depth, pressure and temperature, as well as the astonishing pressure of the oil & gas. A million gallons+ a day through a 5′ pipe?

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    Have been using The Sedona Method a lot recently. From that perspective I’d say that there’s no need to be in control or gain control. We are That Which controls everything. We are also that which seems to need controlling.

    If you consider omnipotent God, is it even possible that anything is ever out of control?

    PS Realize this is a very radical view!

  5. Davidya

    Hi Shamballa

    i get the impression they’re looking at everything but one of the big issues is the volume involved. Read something yesterday that the film Waterworld inspired Kevin Costner to explore techniques for skimming oil off the water and separating it out. Apparently they’ll be testing 6 of the devices now.

    Can’t make some of this stuff up. 😉

  6. Davidya

    Hi Share
    Not so radical – at least, not to me. Have written to that effect at some point.

    The trick is that if it’s not your experience that we are That which controls (although perpetually surrenders to itself would be a better phrasing), then we can feel out of control.

    Thats where faith comes in – if you can allow enough the idea that it’s not your job as a person to control and everything will be OK, it can make the world of difference. And then, it will become your experience and faith won’t be necessary. At least not in the way it may have been.

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    Here’s an even more radical idea. A healer by the name of Trivedi is doing his first retreat in Chicago June 4, 5, 6. On his website is documentation that his blessings have removed both radioactivity and GMO from organic matter. Even into the next generation. Some scientists speculate that he’s operating on the level of DNA. Perhaps this level of healing giftedness could even change dramatically the composition of the oil so that it becomes somehow beneficial. Well, I warned this would be radical!

  8. Davidya

    Interesting. I checked out their web site prior and found mostly lots of generalizations. It seems something more one has to experience.

    As for GMO, this means genetically modified so would of course be on the level of the DNA and would of course continue forward. What that actually means is hard to say. By what mechanism? Does the energetics contain the original DNA model since modified? And how are they telling this? etc.

    On the oil, we’ll see. But if its one person, what can he do? Its a little larger problem than some organic matter or someones arm.

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