One Being

One Being

Recently in another discussion forum, someone raised the question of the 2 selves. The unchanging inner Self and the changing personal self. This is a classic experience around Self Realization. The witness Self observing the thought, emotions and activities of the person.

Someone else raised the point that they were not separate selves, a unity perspective. What gets clumsy about these sorts of discussions is that for some people, they experience life one way or the other. What is true for one person is not for another. For yet others, they experience only a personal self, so this 2 or one discussion is automatically seen as a matter of intellectual debate. Which perspective is true? Essentially, they both are.

Sometimes, people will say that this idea of separate selves is just that – an idea. But I find it useful to explore this a little more deeply. If it’s just an idea, Self Realization would end all separation. It also doesn’t explain how the idea of separation arose.

What I’ve found is that when consciousness drops enough, we lose our sense of connection to the whole. The sense of being separate from wholeness arises. This creates a gripping or core fear in the gut that for most is deeply sub-conscious. We identify with our separate selves out of fear. Something we can hold on to. This fear drives emotions that energize the separation. Our life-drama or pain body. And the mind in turn makes a story of it, an idea of being separate. The story is fed by the emotions.

Awakening is in essence a healing of this in reverse. Self Realization occurs when the idea of separation ends. Some value of emotional healing and heart awakening takes place that heals the drama. (often some is needed before awakening as well) And then the core grip of fear becomes conscious and can be released. What Loch Kelly calls the BBQ. This ends the core identity of separation. Then there is no longer 2 selves, no longer an “inside” and “outside”. Just one wholeness.

Self can then descend further and “absorb” the body and environment, etc. All values of separation end. We are one being, whole.

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