The 4 Immeasurables

The 4 Immeasurables

In Buddhism, they say 4 things will make the mind immeasurable. Brahma-Vihara is the 4 apramana or Immeasurables. Also known as the 4 virtues or most sublime attitudes.

They are:
Metta – loving-kindness
Karuna – compassion
Mudita – sympathetic joy
Upekkha – equanimity

The meditator is instructed to radiate out to all beings in all directions. They can be cultivated endlessly.

Note that they also appear in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali of India (verse 1.33):
“The mind becomes tranquil by cultivating attitudes of friendliness towards the happy, compassion towards the miserable, joy towards the virtuous and indifference towards the evil.”
— Osho’s translation

The small difference is in technique. In verse 3.24, he tells us to do Samyama on these virtues to gain this in strength. To my experience, you do this, then you can do the above. In fact, it develops automatically.

While these may sounds like obscure techniques, many thousands are doing them daily. Some in big groups. Makes the heart sing  😉

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