Layers and Wholeness

Layers and Wholeness

In the article intention, I observed the difference between pure intention arising out of wholeness and reactivity driven desires coming from conflict.

This is a valid way of looking at it but in a follow-up conversation in comments, a higher perspective was highlighted. It was pointed out that even those reactive desires were part of the whole. Share said “…the purpose of creation is the expansion of happiness… every intent, desire, even craving is a smaller current in the ocean of creation’s purpose. Maybe trust is key too. Trust that one’s intent or desire or craving does have, at its root, the purpose of expanding happiness.”

She went on to observe that “…having this trust: one no longer fears looking honestly even at once hidden desires”

I observed that reactionary desires created little loops or eddies in the flow. Rather than contributing, they tended to interfere. This is the mechanism of stress and of karma. While these little loops have a similar process as the whole does, they have a different effect.

I later observed that localized desires are born of the same “stuff” as the deep intentions of being. But because they are not playing in the context of the whole, there is an apparent separation. This allows contraction and suffering to occur. Even though they are pure of being, they are crimped in expression.

Share came back to her second point about trust. If there isn’t trust, then there can be a tendency to reject the issue, thus not seeing it fully. And potentially missing it’s deeper value.

This is an excellent point. If one is willing to see whatever arises as it is, then it can be integrated into the whole or resolved and dissolved. The suffering ends. All with the magic of clear seeing.

If one is judging something bad and something else good, we’re dividing, thus encouraging what we sought to end and missing aspects of wholeness.

It’s perfectly natural for mind to judge like this. But if we’ve become self-aware enough to recognize when the mind is being useful and when it’s just purposelessly dividing, it is only habit that keeps us following that lead.

It also made clear that I have a long habit of thinking of life in layers. As is common to many journeys, this is how it has unfolded for me. But how it unfolds does not necessarily reflect how it is. London is not the flight over the Atlantic, even if your ticket says London.

While it is fully valid to speak of higher intention and localized versions, if this is done outside the context of wholeness, then we are adding another value of separation. While there are different values of expression, being or presence is everywhere present. One does not have to “go deeper” to get to it. (although we may appear to have to at first) It is right on the surface. There is nothing “unconnected”. Just some things that lack self-awareness.

It is curious how “sticky” some concepts are. One primary example is the difficulty of simple awakening. Our concepts of it are often the last barrier to being it. They only have to be let go of for a fraction of a second for it to happen.

Or the habit of mind to be trying to decide which is a “me” response and which is wholeness, long after me has ended. It is only the idea that a me might be there that keeps it going. (laughs)

Mind is very persistent…

We should not be stopping with waking up to ourselves. This is just the beginning. Would you not also want to share this blessing with loved ones? What about your neighbors? You boss? Your pets? Your car? Your favorite chair or dress?

This is the bigger magic of what we’re talking about here. Waking up everything to Itself. Through you. It’s your nervous system that’s needed for everything to see Itself.

Ramesh ribbed Eckhart for writing “You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” It’s true this is dualistic thinking, but it is the stepping stone to Oneness, just as this post illustrates. It is through the me becoming cosmic that the world is awoken. There is no better goal.

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  1. Share

    Hi Davidya and yes, I think in layers sometimes too. Maybe both can be recognized at the same time, the layers and the Being shining through them all, rendering them secondary but still part of the richness. And always, using whatever concept helps us realize more wholeness in a moment.

    Much gratitude for the part about waking up everything to itself through ourselves. Shifts me to a more profound and expanded perspective, a more heart-centered one too.

  2. Davidya

    The way I’d put it that the layers are all there simultaneously and concurrent. We can stop and look at each value or just look at the wholeness.

    An example that comes to mind is seeing all lifetimes in the present moment. Our concurrent self, and all it’s varieties. This sort of look gives us a small idea of how God might see it all. Yet it’s still in all the unfolding details through time and space and layers that Self is able to become fully aware.

    Thanks for the feedback, Share

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