Who Speaks?

Who Speaks?

In the recent post The Power of Speech, I touched on the power of the voice and value of speaking from truth rather than stories.

After awakening, this dynamic becomes more conscious. It becomes clear that sometimes we’re speaking from our stories or beliefs. And sometimes from Self. We could say Self is speaking through us. Sometimes, we find ourselves saying things the person didn’t even know.

When the core identity falls away prior to unity, we see the last of the ego or personal “me” structure fall away. In time, we discover that the inner question about what is “me” and what is Self is rendered meaningless. The only “me” is the idea that there is a me to look for. The idea that a me is even there. (laughs)

But still, there is a practice to shift from the automated, long programmed mind responses into being an open vessel for the higher Self, then the divine, and later Cosmic being, to speak through this vehicle.

(the wording gets tricky here as the relationships all merge as unity develops. Self, divine and being are not different things, just different values of the experience of the one. And there is no separate vehicle, just one cosmic body expressing through an apparent diversity of forms)

Of course, a person remains, a vehicle through which this expression is occurring. So there will always be the unique perspective and voice, another way of appreciating the one.

I’ve spoken with a few people about this process, especially those beginning to teach. This is the shift between talking from a me and transmission. Between hearing a person and hearing yourSelf speak to yourSelf through another.

The process in part depends on the listeners ability to hear. Also perhaps, the resonance of the listener and speaker. But the most important role is the speaker’s ability to stand open and speak from who they are. Whether heard or not heard, the effect remains. Self is enlivened, right on the surface, right in the world.

After the waves of awakening began a few years ago, there will be an increasing number of people making this transition. It will be amazing to see it unfold.

We live in such astonishing times.

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  1. Share

    D, I still think, because it happens to me a lot, that I can be speaking from a story and then suddenly, just a tiny shift and Self is shining through the story. Story is still present but is now experienced as Universe’s story at that particular point in space/time (laughs). I think it’s essential to avoid trying to speak from Self. Sometimes the most effective way to Self is to go in the direction that seems to be AWAY from Self. Yes, astonishing times, esp for being a human (laughs).

  2. Davidya

    Hi Share
    Yes, that’s true. I didn’t go into that but it’s not a black and white, either or thing.

    On the blog, I talk about 3 layers of illusion to wake up from. The person, the universe, and creation. Of course there is also aspects of group experience and such, but these are the 3 core ones, associated with the 3 higher states. We can talk about waking into or waking from, 2 aspects of the process.

    Shifting from a story of a me to the story of the universe is broader and such, but it is still inside the story. The most potent place we can speak from is the creator of the story.

    And yes, we can’t try to speak from Self. The post is talking about the waking experience where we have become the Self. In that “state”, there is Self and there is mind. We have a long habit of speaking from mind so we may need to practice speaking from Self.

    It’s not a try, it’s just an attention thing. Like remembering to tie your shoelaces before you walk out the door.

    Story is not all bad either. Many teachers tell parables and other stories to help illustrate concepts. The most famous historical books are such.

    The story I speak of is the drama of the mind. The story of a me. But you’re right. Even in the midst of telling a story about a me, consciousness can shift and call on much deeper resources to express with.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Share

    And there is yet another way we could talk about this. Consciousness is always shifting our attention and clarity to obtain a specific sort of experience. The idea that a me has anything to do with it is just the ego, trying to take credit to try and control. Really whats happening is the playing out of the grand story of existence, each of us with our roles in the play of life.

  4. Share

    D, what do you think about Vedic cognition in this context, that the seer sees himself or herself? So it’s not so much that one is the creator of the story but rather that one IS the story. Tho maybe the term story isn’t applicable to Vedic cognition (laughs). This seems to fit also with your saying that it’s the grand story of existence that’s playing out. Or being told. Very very very fun to now think about who’s doing the telling. This whole discussion lighting up brain, etc. merci beaucoup

  5. Davidya

    Hi Share
    Vedic cognition is a little different. There is recognition of Self. Recognition of the mechanics of creation. Recognition of the Oneness of Self and Creation. As each recognition develops, there is a becoming or shift in “state of consciousness”. As that unity deepens, one recognizes the cosmic being that contains creation. Then the opportunity arises for the direct perception of the structure of intelligence that underlies even that. That is Vedic cognition. Direct perception of Veda.

    Vedic cognition is not seer seeing Self, in fact it is beyond even Self. It is the structure of seer. But of course, the seer sees itself seeing itself.

    From the perspective of creator, first we see ourselves as victims, then as self-willed beings. (possibly relative to a separate creator) When the witness dawns, we discover that life continues without any personal input. This leads to Self realization. Then the mechanics of who’s doing unfolds. Then the one creator is discovered directly. Then in the unity process, we become that. Then the structure of the creator. This is the context of Vedic cognition. It is in a sense beyond the creator. The structure of what comes to create. But it is not different from that.

    This of course is parallel to the process in the first paragraph. One of the most curious parts of the unfolding experience of creation is who’s doing. The darned thing keeps changing. (laughs)

    (I know you know much of this – the explanation is for all readers)

  6. Masi

    I thought I was losing it when I first started hearing myself speak to myself through another! First I ignored it, then I was surprised, and now its a signal for me to go into myself and look at what needs to be seen. Also at first it happened especially through one particular person. It happened very frequently and with deep stuff that made me wonder if that person is ME and started wondering about past-life, etc and now I’ve started to experience it with others (but not as much as with this 1 person).

    PS I found myself so curious about your chat with Share but couldn’t grasp it! But I still loved it though 🙂

  7. Davidya

    Hi Masi
    That person is you in the sense that you are both Self and they are the vehicle for the “message”. There is what I describe as resonance that tends to favour this with certain people. That resonance could relate to “soul groups”, people we tend to have had past lives with, so that may have some validity. Or they may simply be a resonant vehicle. Some people are more open to that flow than others.

    The chat with Share is around the development of higher states of consciousness from various angles. The topics are mostly discussed in other blog posts as mentioned. You can try searching the blog or looking at Key Posts for more, if interested.

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