The Power of Speech

The Power of Speech

In both spiritual circles and popular expressions, we find a number of sayings that suggest something important about our voice.

Always speak the sweet truth. Sticks and stones… Never speak ill of another. Thy word is thy bond. Honesty is the best policy. And so forth.

All of us have also been moved by a powerful voice. An orator or a singer. You may have seen voice used as transmission, as a conversation of Self with Itself. A means for Self to awaken to Itself. With some people, even to listen to a recording of their voice is powerful.

And there are the Mahavakyas, the phrases that can correct the mistake of the intellect and trigger unity.

Never underestimate the power of your voice. It can wound. It can shock. It can soothe. It can heal. It can bring joy or love. It can awaken.

How do you use your word? Do you spend your days telling stories? Are they stories about what’s wrong with your life? Are they truthful? Is this what you want?

Notice how our thoughts become our speech. What we dwell on becomes becomes our truth. We then share this.

This is not to suggest we make a mood of being truthful. Only that we observe what is coming out of our mouth and ask if that serves anyone. Does it even serve yourself?

Our voice is a gift. It’s good to remind ourselves to be mindful to speak honestly. To speak from the heart rather than mind. To speak from openness rather than constriction.

In so doing, we speak truth into being and pull the roots out of suffering. We build power into our voice rather than dissipating it in noise.

This is how the sages soothe with their very words. They speak from silence to silence. It is the nature of being to become through speech.

If you doubt this, just read Genesis. God speaks everything into being. Then God gives things names to separate them. This is name and form, vibration as the first step in becoming.

Your voice is your power create. What do you create?

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