Flow Gratitude

Flow Gratitude

In this holiday season, I am reminded over and over again the importance of gratitude. In a recent post, Deep Forgiveness, I mentioned the value of gratitude in creating the space for forgiveness and the release that allows.

But more deeply, gratitude is an inherent quality of love, the love that sustains life and existence. In fact, we can say it’s an aspect of that initial recognition that gives rise to all of creation.

When we’re feeling grateful, we’re tuning ourselves to the flow of love through our life. Rather than fighting what is, we’re tuning in to it.

This allows us to feel more happiness, see more success, and otherwise have a far more problem-free life. That process may not be obvious at first as it may take a little time to shift the energy. But the more we’re coming from gratitude, the smoother life will be.

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