What’s Real?

What’s Real?

Responses to a few questions on reality…

What’s Real?
When we answer questions about reality, we can look at it 2 ways.

Firstly, there is reality that is unchanging, absolute, omnipresent silence. That which cannot be adequately described but is everywhere present. We can never not be in this reality. But how we perceive this may vary.

Then there is what you are experiencing. What is real for you now. We of course fall into and out of what we are experiencing all the time. Nodding off, daydreaming, concentrating, spacing out, etc. etc. This is more contrasty if we experience a major shift or lose a big experience. But all we’re falling into and out of is another way of perceiving. Nothing is ever actually lost.

This point cannot be underestimated. All that is changing is perception. A big part of the evolutionary journey is becoming increasingly OK with what is. The more we allow it to be, that we surrender to life as it is, the faster we progress.

If however, we are caught in a story of experiences we lost, what we once had, what we want that we don’t have, some distant enlightenment, etc. etc. then we are exactly pushing them away.

I would not say any experience is a delusion. It is what is being experienced and we should not be discounting that. Discounting our experience is another form of resistance to what is. But nor should we give any experience too much weight. However grand it may be, it’s just another perception.

The real issue is not in what is being experienced, it is how we RESPOND to that, in this case, discounting or overvaluing. When we can just allow the experience to be as it is, then trust what is being experienced is OK, we let go of enough resistance to start to really feel the grace. And the peace. And the happiness…

Of course, the key is in knowing who you are. When we’re rooted in that inner peace, we can separate what is being experienced from how we’re responding to it. Then we can let go of the reactivity and begin to really trust what is. But that can take time. We have had other habits for so very long.

If you’ve had a decent spiritual practice for a while, you already know who you really are. All you need to do is surrender fully to that for just one moment. That’s all it takes. Then one shifts into being who they know they are. Then we have the key described above.

Some use Holography as an analogy for how reality is structured. The whole image in every part. Holography does reflect certain patterns of nature. But I don’t consider it a good analogy for reality. Reality is not built of interference patterns.

We could say Veda or smriti (memory) is stored in seed form. And attention/perception expresses it. But it does so by unrolling the point form of space-time into expression, not by projecting interference patterns. More like a blossoming flower.

Holography can be a way of exploring the nature of perception though.

Time Travel?
Such a linear view! If we drop the need for moving the body, travel is unnecessary. All time is now. Cast your attention there and it will unroll as above. All experiences are stored completely.

But remember this. Just as you remember your childhood from where you are now, so too you experience all other things. You can never go back. Nor do you want to. 😉

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  1. Ariel

    haha, sounds like you’ve found a limitation in the hologram metaphor 🙂

    As for the time travel thing, it’s amazing how much SENSE time travel (and space travel too, for that matter) makes when you break out of the mindset of linearity…

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