Unmasking Brahman

Unmasking Brahman

Recently, I’ve spoken of how the experience of source as emptiness or nothingness is  a phase. It seems you take everything away and you’re left with nothing.

But this is only due to the habit of experience. As we deepen into that apparent emptiness, what is then revealed is the nothing is everything. Without the layers seeming to mask it, source is revealed in it’s fullness.

The depth of this unmasking is profound. I’ve talked before of transcending existence or Being. Beyond I, Am, or Is. Pure consciousness, without content, vibrates without the quality of being. In a way, we can still say it “is”, but it is beyond what we would previously consider as “isness”. Put another way, it neither is nor isn’t.

More deeply, consciousness settles into it’s source. No longer consciousness of. The liveliness ceases stirring alertness. They sit in silence. Brahman. The unchanging absolute. The permanent reality.

As the silence, Brahman of course contains those 2 inherent qualities – the alertness and the liveliness. That liveliness, on that level, is experienced as bliss. But bliss on that level is solid, like a concrete wall. Not some flighty wisp of happiness but absolute, permanent bliss.

This is the reality that underlies all experience. It is the essence of life itself. The core of our being.

More than existence, intelligence or consciousness, this is the true infuser of all things, bringing the rest along and thus the tools for all creation and expression.

It’s funny to think of something solid, unchanging, and concrete as underlying and infusing everything. But that’s what is-isn’t. 😉

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