One Process

One Process

A question from a good friend drew out an important point. Recently, I’ve written still more about the way reality can change in posts like “What Changes?

Yet it doesn’t matter what model or way of seeing reality you have. We may see that the world is happening to me. We may see events as some sort of karma balancing or consequence of the past. We may see life as bring us lessons for the future. Or it can all seem to be a dream or game. Perhaps even a remembering of what is. All of these are different ways of experiencing one process.

How we explain it is just the story du jour. What’s more important is that there is an experience to be had. How we respond to that experience is what makes all the difference. In other words, it’s not about what happens or our explanations for same, it’s how we respond that matters. Our relationship with what is.

We have experiences because there is some experiences to be had. That is what is. If we can find a way to allow any difficult experience to be as it is, then the experience can be had fully and completely. If we are not fully present with it or there is some resistance, the experience will be extended or will loop back and return for completion.

Inversely, if we try to hold to an apparent positive experience, it will end. The secret in all cases is in allowing it to be as it is.

Another way we may describe allowing is gratitude and forgiveness. Or surrender. Not investing in it emotionally but rather simple being with it.

This will not only complete the challenges but is the process of releasing the grip of the experience, plus we release our binding to the past. It is the way to both peace in the moment and permanent peace. The way to both be with the truth of what is and be what is. To be just who you are.

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