Story or Karma or…

Story or Karma or…

Each of us has things in our life that never last. Or that never work out as planned. Who’s fault is this? Or is there fault at all?

The world is by it’s nature a field of change. Nothing lasts as it is never intended to last. We are here to have experiences. We cannot experience without change. Thus, things change to offer experiences, then change again for the next one.

If we fight this process, we suffer.

People tend to follow one of 2 angles in understanding these experiences of life.

They subscribe to fate. It is my destiny or karma to have these experiences. It’s what God wants. In some ways this is true, but often this is being used more as a way to blame. I am suffering because it’s someone else’s fault. I am powerless, the victim.

Another angle comes up in self-empowerment. I am responsible. It is my story that is creating these experiences. What I am telling myself. What I am giving my attention. In some ways this is also true. But again, it is typically used as a way to blame. Law of Attraction and The Secret become a message of self blame. I suffer because I did it wrong or there’s something wrong with me.

You may notice in reading this that you are automatically associating with certain statements. ‘I believe that’. ‘I do that’. ‘This is me’. ‘I don’t agree.’ ‘bullshit’ This is the judging mind in action. Categorizing right and wrong. It is also the revealer of the sub-conscious programs we are judging with. The patterns we’re using.

You may not think you fit either group but unless you have stepped out of the ego, you’re using one or the other to explain any given circumstance. Unless the mind has categorized and assigned cause (blame), you will not find it in your memory. It does not become part of the story. “This happened” always has a because. You can run through your own card catalog of memories to check this. See if you can find something that doesn’t have a because. That doesn’t have a story. Everything has names and stories or it’s missing.

Seen like this, our past becomes a sequential story of excuses. (laughs) How revisionist our history is. It is not really our past, just the evolution of a story.

We actually build subtle unconscious “no”s into our experiences. A kind of inner rebellion. The me wanting it to be a certain way and blaming any experience that is other than this. These can get in the way of our happiness in various areas of life, like career, relationships, and health. That NO causes us to refuse to choose, to pull back that sustained attention/intention. Instead of moving towards what we want, we push against what is.

Curiously, even this very analysis is a form of resistance and blame. We have a No and it’s wrong to have a No. Say No to No, but No is a No. See how the mind is? You can’t diffuse a No with a No. But the mind forgets a double negative fails the math test.

Seen another way, the world we’re personally creating (the story) and the world life is creating (karma) are just 2 perspectives of the same process, 2 sides of the same coin. As I spoke of prior in Free Will vs. Determinism, these are just perspectives. Neither are the whole truth.

What if there was another choice? A choice outside of blame. A choice that didn’t need making it wrong. Didn’t need a no. The mind has the natural tendency to judge and that’s fine. But we don’t have to take it seriously. We don’t have to believe the story. We don’t have to take it personally.

Gradually, as we become increasingly aware of our true natures, under all the noise of the mind, we begin to be able to make that choice. To let go of the holding. To stop caring who or what is right or wrong. Then the judge starts to settle down. We begin to make choices based on what is true now. On what we love.

The story fades, the No’s end, and karma starts to play a different game. Life becomes a flow of intention and love. The difference is astonishing.

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