Global Spirit

Global Spirit

“Global Spirit is a unique “internal travel” series that brings to light the various practices – spiritual, mental and physical – that help us define who we are as human beings and explore how this effects our relationships to our families, our communities, ourselves and the world at large.

Global Spirit will offer insights into some of mankind’s deepest existential questions, tracing our collective human journey in the timeless quest for truth, wisdom and understanding. Each Global Spirit program will highlight the trans-cultural, transcendent dimensions of human inquiry, from the ancient or indigenous wisdom traditions to the latest advances in scientific knowledge. Global Spirit will do for the first time on national television what the Mars Rover did for space: beam back a celestial wonder, a glimmer of what is possible in the realm of human consciousness, spirit and the mind.”

The shows are broadcast but also available online. Currently, the have 6 shows posted – see the “Watch Videos” link on the left sidebar. Other shows already produced are in the TV Listings. Shows include subjects such as Creativity, Forgiveness, Music, Earth Wisdom, and Ecstasy.

Have not seen any of them yet, but it looks like a great resource.

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