Pain holds us All

Pain holds us All

In the past, I’ve spoken of the mesh, the threads of connection we hold with our past. At the connection or node of each of these ‘threads’ is a grip. A holding, a knot of stress, a resistance to some experience. Those threads are mostly emotional so often involve others, binding us to them. Tying our story with theirs across many lives.

When we resolve these – in the past or present (they are the same) – we release that karmic binding. With our past and with others. That part of the story collapses.

If the person we are binding to has not learned to release those threads or “cords” as they are often called, they too are caught by your mesh. Thus, clearing our emotional binding releases not only ourselves but others with whom we have been enmeshed.

If both parties have held a grip and one releases, the cord is broken. Just as we can release in the past or present, we can sever the cord on either side. That gives them a chance to also release. If the grip is strong or habitual enough for them, it becomes a grip merely with their own story. Something for them to deal with. But now with a lower charge.

What clearing this does is reduce suffering and part the veil. The veil is the emotional noise that blocks the deeper reality of who we are and binds us to the surface field of karma.

When we release enough nodes, a whole section of our mesh collapses. Our history literally changes, simply because what held it a certain way was released. It returns to the natural state of flowing energy. (of course, it was never really held. What we are gripping is a story, an illusion)

It’s also useful to recognize that we can add to the load we came in with, add new holding. Such grips can tie us to others in ways we don’t intend. This is the profound value of learning to let our history go. Learning to be present. Learning that holding serves nothing but pain. We heal ourselves. We heal everyone we have ever loved, throughout our souls history.

This came out of a quote a friend sent me today. The astral is the emotional energy body or field.

“Suppose you were made to suffer by someone you loved, and now you hate them. Don’t think this means you’ll be free of them. Whether you hate or love them, you are still bound to them, for hate binds you just as powerfully as love. If you wish to be free of someone who is tormenting you and never see them again, do not hate them, be indifferent. If you hate them, you bind yourself to them with inextricable bonds, you will be with them constantly, you will have to deal with them for years, for centuries, and you will continue to suffer.

On the physical level, it’s easy to break the bond with someone by severing all connection with them, by no longer seeing them, by divorcing, etc. But the bond must also be broken on the astral plane, and for that to happen you have to be able to stop harboring negative feelings. That’s what you have to understand if you really want to separate from someone. Even though hating someone you once loved implies some sort of breaking-off, hate, like love, is a force that binds you to that person. Obviously, the bond is different: love brings you certain things and hate others, but hate does so just as surely and just as powerfully as love.”
— Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov-

Hate binds as powerfully as love because we’re talking about emotional binding, not deeper reality. Don’t equate indifference to disdain. This is neutrality, the release of all emotional resistance to them. Have not heard of Aivanhov before, but he was evidently a Bulgarian philosopher in the last century who taught mostly in France.

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Saisha
    Thanks for the feedback. It’s easy to confuse the lower emotions of the ‘ego’ me with the higher emotions of the soul. The ego makes it right and wrong so doesn’t really have a neutral. The ego wants control. Anything neutral is seen as uncertainty, so is bad. It shifts into disdain or repulsion. If I don’t like, I must hate.

    The soul or higher levels of being don’t function from emotions and judgment. Thus, it’s not necessary to be this or that, right or wrong. It can just be as it is. This is when we can be neutral, unengaged. And really, this doesn’t happen fully until the ego falls away with waking.

    As we clear our emotional gripping, we first step into neutrality. Them as it goes deeper, we can come to a place where there is Love. Not love that is opposite hate, but Love that is unconditional. Love that transcends emotion. And that is the seat of compassion.

    But first we must find release and forgiveness. Then neutrality.

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