Writing on Spirit

Writing on Spirit

What is the value of writing about spirit, something that cannot be described? What is the value of words about reality when each of us has a unique one? When words are dead things, symbols for concepts we have about things? Concepts that may be only somewhat shared.

There is an old Vedic saying, “Knowledge in books remains in books”. Often, any given teaching simply leads to more concepts. A more complicated conception of the world. We may attempt a “Unified Field Theory”, an overarching concept that explains everything. But it never really works. Partly because there are so many contributing parties and partly because who we are, and thus our reality, is in a constant state of flux. It is organic, growing and morphing.

Here and there though, we’ll run into words that reach us at the right time. Someones story finds a resonance, enlivens a deep memory. We relate.

When we relate, we find a synchronicity between realities. Our world opens up a bit larger. Sometimes, the light bulb goes off. In the most ideal form, the mere presence of the other person is like a meditation. It brings peace and liveliness. Love flows. We find God in the details.

There may be some concept that we are separate persons and one persons journey has no relation to another. But in reality, there is only one journey, with many ways of relating to it.

The experience of the human is like a focal point for infinity, for boundless awareness. The awareness is not constrained by the human. It simply sees through the human into form. Form for perceiving form. A window of perception. But without which, awareness perceives nothing.

More interestingly, it does this simultaneously in all beings. When we step back into Self or transcendence, in silence, peace, we stop looking through the window for a moment. When our attention steps back enough and we become That, we are no longer the focal point but rather that which observes the point. Then we can shift our attention from one point to another.

That’s when we can really get a sense of how grand God really is. While we may look out of this set of eyes or that, God sees through all at once.

There is no separate persons. This is why relating has value. It reminds us of our commonality. This is the widening road to unity. Indeed, it is the unity itself that calls the person home. Through seeing, through feeling, through words. Through Itself, it comes to Itself.

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  1. Frank

    Hi davidya,

    as you describe this it seems you realized your 5th Chakra, and can see yourself now as a soul, beyond life and death. What is the exact method with that you accomplished this? You must first reach unconditional love, to do that right? You cannot skip that?

    As for myself, I’m getting pretty self-conscious on the last time, as my awareness is focusing on tensions to realease them, that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Especially when you come to the heart thoughts are getting pretty strong and if you can’t “control” them funny things happen.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Frank
    To me, the awakening process is associated with the chakras but is more about consciousness than energy. While one can describe a process of ‘opening’ the chakras progressively then having the divine descend, it is rarely that tidy for most people. Where people hold their resistances varies. Growth is organic not linear. In my own case, the upper chakras cleared first, then I went down. I did not use a technique to clear chakras, they simply open naturally when enough resistance falls away. That’s the safest way.

    If you look under “Key Posts” on the right in the Waking section, I wrote an article jokingly called “10 steps to Enlightenment” where I refer to what I’ve seen as useful and link to articles on it. The key is an effortless meditation that gives you experience of source. Everything else builds on that.

    Keep in mind that the chakras are just the primary centers. There are hundreds of energy nodes and thousands of channels (nadis) in the system. The chakras feed the energy bodies, but not one to one. Mind is fed by several, feelings by several and so forth.

    As for soul, it depends a little on what you mean by the term. I’ve found the heart has a more direct connection to soul than the others. But the full richness of that cannot experienced until the divine descends and absorbs the heart after awakening. A more subtle crust falls away then.

    As we become conscious of the tensions or resistance we carry, they can be uncomfortable. This is the resistance itself or its motion out. The key is simply to see it and be OK with it. Then it will quickly pass and be gone. I talk about this on the recent post “Allowing to Clear”.

    Sometimes the experience can seem very strong. This reflects the degree of resistance, the energy you have been pushing against with. If it’s big enough, the ego can be nervous and throw up some drama or story to distract you, make it seem too much. It may be strong but it’s never too much. Consciousness only takes what it can handle.

    As for control, this is not a process you can control. Indeed it is a process of surrendering control. Control is the voice of the ego. As it has been so familiar and constant, it may seem correct. But the voice of control is what keeps you in pain and drama. What fogs consciousness.

    As for ‘funny things’, I’m not sure what you mean. You laugh uncontrollably? (laughs) Your body twitches or shifts as the holding is released? You feel tears coming on? When you release big stuff, it can sometimes create brief strong experiences. You may want to rest afterward. It’s OK – you’re letting go of a big burden.

  3. Moekends

    Hi Davidya;

    Thanks for this post, and the recent really clear one (no pun intended) on “Allowing to Clear” as well.

    The idea of God (or the Infinite, or Awareness, or whatever wording a person wants to use) looking out from all our eyes at the same time is great; it really brought home for me that we’re really all One and not just individual portions of the One. It also goes to the why people will have similar experiences in meditation or elsewhere at the same time.

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