When I was young, we were involved in various summer camps and family cottage gatherings, learning a number of “campfire” songs. This was probably the basis of how I remember grace. My mother encouraged us to say grace for dinner by each of us choosing a favorite sung grace, taking turns with the lead. (hmm – perhaps this is where the idea arose that I can’t sing. (laughs)) Mine was Johnny Appleseed. “…for giving me, the things I need, the sun the rain, and the apple seed, The Lord is good to me.” (Disney Version)

In my early 20’s, I learned another. While not as graceful in translation, this Sanskrit grace says it more deeply. Spoken with feeling, it cultures that of which it speaks.

In Thy fullness, my Lord
Filled with Thy grace,
For the purpose of union with Thee
And to satisfy and glorify Thy creation
With thanks to Thee with all our hearts
And with all our love for Thee
With all adoration for Thy blessings
We accept Thy gift as it has come to us
Thy food is Thy blessing and in Thy service
We accept it in all gratitude, my Lord

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