Being Seen

Being Seen

One of the natural drives of a person is to be seen. ‘Look at me!’ This is more obvious in extroverted personalities, but even for the introvert, there is a push to be seen, to be recognized, to receive some recognition and respect.

It is a curious thing that we look for this from another though – only because we fail to see it in ourselves. Every other person sees from their own unique perspective and can never really see your person – they simply see themselves through you. Just as you see yourself through them.

It is only when we fall out of the person, when we step into Self or source, that we can begin to really see. And begin to be seen. At a retreat I was on, Gangaji talked about a “willingness to be seen.”

Certainly, as we approach this place, much that has not been seen is seen. And much that has been a mask is seen through. Awakening is much the same, only more so. It is a being seen for what we really are.

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  1. Kaushik

    It’s interesting that it’s easier to “see” another mind than my own. In others, I can see the ego stories, rationalization, cravings and so on…and then there is the realization that I can only see in others that which already exists in me. It was a useful realization.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik
    Yes – we can see what we know. When we are inside something, it’s hard to see it from the outside. As we gradually reduce our identification with mind by stepping outside, we begin to see our own dramas more clearly.

    Curiously, when the ego is lost, we quickly forget what this was like until we again see it in another.

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