If you understand that our world arises in consciousness and is projected out then fed back through our senses, many things are much more easily understood. One of the consequences of this model is that our outer world mirrors our inner world. How we perceive the world is how it is. This means that if we study any given pattern in the outer world, we will find it mirroring the inner world.

Thus we can look at patterns of events to understand our inner dynamics. How we are in relationship or work, the results we get fixing or making things, our handwriting, sports skill, and more.

Indeed, we could look at the patterns of traffic or leaves on the ground and obtain insight into our nature. Some people study these sorts of things, like numerologists, phrenologists and astrologers. But it requires a little different skill set than a typical scientist. Because the medium is less concrete, you need the usual research and systematic study, but you also need good subjective skills like intuition to connect the dots.

Because Materialism is dominant in the west, many people approach such subjects more on the basis of belief than research. Newspaper horoscopes are almost meaningless, for example. And it attracts a large share of charlatans or people with inconsistent skills. The result of applying materialist paradigms to fields like astrology is poppycock ideas like beams of energy from the planets. Again, the paradigm is upside down.

When you understand that the world arises from the movement of love within silence, you can begin to see it as patterns of energy reflecting the underlying flow. Everything from the dance of the wind to the music of the stars reflects this same flow. Study the pattern and you begin to see what may yet be hidden. This is what many scientists do. Until recently, astrology was viewed as a science.

In my books, western astrology fails to recognize the precession of the equinoxes making it increasingly imprecise. It’s also cluttered with opinions rather than proofs. Vedic astrology is the opposite, much more accurate and predictive but a little stuck in tradition. The field is in need of a seer to draw them together.

In any case, purely from the standpoint of looking at the flow of energy, February should be an interesting month. From a western perspective:
– the 2nd Saturn Uranus opposition (Virgo Pisces)
– a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, meaning opposite Sun near Neptune in Aquarius.
– mid-month, the Sun touches Neptune in Aquarius.
– just after that, Mars and Jupiter meet over the North Node or Dragons head, also in Aquarius. The moon, then Mercury cross this point a few days later.
Apparently, Chiron is in there too.

The nodes are markers of what we bring to the table – karma, purpose, etc.

A couple of sites note that the above pattern was heralded in the 1969 (40 years ago) song Aquarius.

When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars.

Evidently, this alignment has only happened once before in 1,000 years. In 1962, Mars and Jupiter were conjunct over the south node with the moon in the 7th house. But without all the other stuff. This time, it’s the north node.

One site suggests this combination will nicely happen at dawn on Valentines day over London, but the ephemeris says the 17th. I’m no astrologer so I’ll leave out interpretation and timing.

Of course, the actual dawning of the Age of Aquarius isn’t supposed to be for quite awhile. A few years until the Mayan Calendar completes. Any interpretation of the Yugas also offers other dates. Obviously, the patterns are not currently well understood.

But in any case, February should be a remarkable month. It has certainly started that way.

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