Which Reality is Which? (Perspectives)

Which Reality is Which? (Perspectives)

One of the notable things on the path of human development is the distinct series of perspectives that typically evolve. Just as each state of consciousness has its own characteristic physiology, each perspective has its own unique sense of reality, of what is real. They are mirrored in childhood development as well. If you observe, you will notice you tend to shift around a bit during the day. You may feel more Survival on a tired morning, fall into Tribal at work, feel Special with something you enjoy and step into Seeker during an evening talk. Once you awake, the core does not step back, but the surface may shift like this for a bit.

1) Survival:
– world is real but often difficult
– inner life is simple, unconsidered
– driven by base emotions and urges
– maybe be blissful
– societies outcasts

2) Tribal:
– world is real
– person seen as part of group, fit in
– seek leaders
– driven by needs, fate
– us and them
– may be sense of victim
– often past oriented
– media, organizations encourage

3) Special:
– objective world is real
– subjective world may or may not be seen as real but
– individuality is dominant
– me and them, self over other
– Self-empowered, in charge, can change world
– independence, entitlement, specialness
– may be leaders
– future oriented, focus on wants

4) Seeker:
– objective world seems less real
– subjective world is examined
– inner subjective may be very real
– introduced experiences of transcendent
– individual and group
– shifting to present oriented
– change world with intention
– sense of uniqueness may grow
– shifting sense of real

5) Awake:
– objective world is illusion
– world takes care of itself
– subjective world dominant, very real
– subjective unchanging
– individual fades
– present oriented
– internal oneness
– sense of freedom, peace, happiness

6) Celestial:
– objective world is dream, God’s dream
– everything is life, light
– subjective world contains objective
– subjective vastness
– mechanics of existence revealed
– transcendent knowledge
– dominated by love

7) United:
– Objective world ceases
– identity ceases
– subjective absorbs inner and outer
– oneness, there is only ‘group’
– all time collapses into present
– transcendent knowledge released
– true objective subjectivity dawns
– true nature of reality known
– environment is Self, has solidity greater than ever

This further develops within itself through steps I outlined in the Veda of Unity. The culmination is
[Update – the below describes advanced Unity, not Brahman. For Brahman, see Unity into Brahman and related articles.]
8- Brahman:
– I am all this, all that, all that has ever been, all the might be
– I am Purusha, the cosmic being, the holy spirit
– I am the source, the medium, and the return
– there is none else
– Saguna Brahman – with attributes, is the creator, Ishwara, personal God
– Nirguna Brahman – without attributes, that which pervades all

As there is also values of reality beyond the pervader, one can easily conjecture about still higher perspectives. But descriptions becomes meaningless. How can one relate to the awareness of an avatar?

These various perspectives of course lead to great debate about which is really the highest truth or reality. The value of a list like this is simply to give you an idea of where this is going, what relates to what, and what to favour with your attention.

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  1. Davidya

    It’s worth noting that one can also see sub-perspectives such as victim tribal or soul-awake seeker. Quality of life, dominant emotions, and other factors determine how any given perspective is experienced. Also if we are trending up or down.

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