Remains of Ignorance

Remains of Ignorance

In full Unity, fully developed totality, there are no true differences. All is One. All is Self, moving within silence. As the Upanishads famously put it, I am That, Thou art That, all This is That.

How is it then that we see great teachers expressing deep devotion to God? Expressing the greatest reverence and gratitude to their teachers and tradition?

I have seen a couple of teachers speak of this. In essence, to be able to express their feelings they hold their object of devotion a little apart. They keep some little distance to allow the flow.

In Sanskrit, they have a term for this: Lesha Avidya. The faint remains of ignorance. One actually retains some shadow so the light can move. Some defect to express love.

In a certain way, that is the nature of our world. An apparent flaw in the perfection of being that allows the perfection to discover itself. A discord so love can be known.
Its a beautiful thing.

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