a clip of Perspective

a clip of Perspective

This month’s Ions One Minute Shift video is called Perspective.

A nice little summary of the subject I wrote about here.”Perspective is the key to gaining a larger understanding of ourselves, of the world around us, and of the Truth…


The maker, “Unasleep” writes of herself:
“unASLEEP is no one. There are no accreditations to boast of, no particular line of employment to elaborate about, no particular achievements or talents I would like to impress upon you, and no particular group alignment claimed, other than one: This moment. This moment is where I live. It is my address, because I know in Truth all other addresses are imaginary. And we all share this address. In a way, we are roommates in this moment. You reading my “Bio” is what we are sharing Now. Your next action will bring you your next “new” moment. Choose what enriches you. In doing so, you will bring yourself peace, and you will bring yourself love.

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