Tat Wale Baba Q&A

Tat Wale Baba Q&A

After his talk, some questions were asked. Previously, I ran into a short write up of the visit where some questions were noted. More were posted at the interview site. Here is a selection of the better ones.

Student: Can he tell us of his master and the tradition he follows?

TWB: The Self is free from any tradition or nontradition.

MMY (adding his own comment): He is from the tradition of Shukadev. Shukadev was like him, not of this world. Away from it. [he spent 3 months with his master, then was a reluse every since]

Student: Is it possible to increase one’s capacity to enjoy that state?

TWB: We can increase it to any great extent through meditation. And as we go deeper, That will shine forth in our life outside. So, it’s possible to increase our ability to be That. And, that is through meditation.

Student: Does he think that his way of life helps the rest of mankind or only him?

TWB: All these saints meditating and established in the Self, they are the basis for all this running of the entire universe, and they are the basis of the whole thing, and not for themselves alone. Their good vibrations are influencing societies for their advancement.

Student: How much sleep does he require?

TWB: If I sleep what will happen to the world? Asleep and awake – the sleep and awake is the nature of the mind. Sometimes the mind sleeps, sometimes it is awake. If I sleep, the whole basis of the world would be sleeping and then there will be left nothing. So, I don’t sleep. If someone sleeps it is the mind. The Self doesn’t sleep. All these states of waking, dreaming; they belong to the mind. They are not the state of the Self. And, if you speak of my sleeping, I don’t sleep because the Self doesn’t sleep. If the Self sleeps then the whole world would go into sleep.

Student: Is there any difference between the time that he is meditating and the time when he is not meditating, in how he feels, or his interaction with the environment?

TWB: Meditating for some time, one gets established permanently in the state of being. And then, wherever the mind goes one is established in that Self no matter what one does here or there; it doesn’t matter when one is established in the Self. And, that state comes after some time from going deep inside and coming out. With this practice one gets established permanently in the Self, and then whatever you do you are not separate from the Self.

Students: Are you living in that state now?

TWB: That which is unborn, eternal, we can’t talk about it in terms of time. In terms of time the Self can’t be talked.

Student: Does he feel that there is more to attain?

TWB: What is there to be gained or attained? That which is to be gained is omnipresent, and we are That, and it’s already attained. As long as the mind has been wavering only in the changing relative, so long it was out of sight. And, when the mind has been concentrated and has attained to that level, nothing new has happened. The thing that was there, it is there. Nothing new has happened or has been attained. Nothing! That which was there is there even now, and was even before. Only the difference is in the mind; the mind was unaware of That and now the mind is aware. So, what is there to talk about attainment of further states?

Student: Can he tell us of the love that flows from one’s heart once the state is attained?

TWB: One’s love overflows. As one loves himself so does he begin to love others. Because in that state there is none other than one’s Self. Therefore, one’s love for one’s Self is one’s love for others. And then, whatever communications are there, they are communications in one’s own Self.

The Self is golden. It is only a matter of taking our awareness to That and then the criterion for That will be that we will begin to display all love and harmony in the field of all our action and experience. That will be the criterion. When the love increases, that becomes the balance to measure that we are nearing That. Otherwise, the thing is already there, only we have to incorporate it in our lives. We have to exhibit more of love, more of happiness. Expression of That is necessary, otherwise the state of That is already there. And, we will begin to express more of it when we become more aware of it.

Student: Can we meditate with you?

Tat Wale Baba closed his eyes and we all meditated for about twenty minutes. Then, the opportunity to ask more questions resumed.

Student: What do you see for the future of the world?

TWB: We have to create future. Future does not have to create us. And, if we do good things and meditate and experience that Self and be omnipresent, future is going to be good. If we do not, we are going to create a bad future. We have to create the future. The future is in our hands.

Student: Will there be world peace?

TWB: The world is within you. And, if you are at peace within, if your awareness is established in your Self your world is in peace. And, if you are wavering and peaceless and you are not in tune with your own eternal state of Being then the world is in peacelessness. If you want to create peace on the cosmic level then you must take refuge in God. And, if you want peace within yourself, realize the Self and your world will be in peace and you will see that the whole world is in peace. The world is as you are, and the world will be as you will be.

Student: Are there any shortcuts to purification of karma?

TWB: The shortest cut to the purification of karma is surrender to God, devotion to God, realization of the Self. And, when you realize the Self all your mind and senses will be purified. And, when your senses are purified all your actions will be good. They will be life supporting. They behave with you as your friends. And, if the mind is not established in the Self, in the glory of God, then your own senses will become your enemy. And then, all your karma will pounce upon you as your enemy. It is the fixity of the mind in the Self that makes your senses your friend, and non-fixity of the mind in the Self makes your senses your enemy. Senses-enemy means karma, because the karma is performed by the senses. So the karma will be good if the mind is established in the Self and karma will not be good if the mind is not established in the Self.

Practice. Increase your practice to arrive at that goal.

Student: Is it possible to work in the world when we have gained the highest state of pure supreme knowledge?

TWB: There are two ways of life, householder and recluse. Those who are in the householder’s way of life, they by habit are engaged in activity, even having gained that state of supreme knowledge. And, those who are recluse by nature, they don’t have anything to do with the activity of life. So, they continue to live that way. But, both live that state of supreme knowledge.

Student: Is it possible that one who lives a householder’s way of life can then desire to switch and live the life of a recluse? Or, would this cause a conflict?

TWB: The ideal condition would be not to enter into the household. If you want to become a sanyasi (renunciate), or, if you have entered the householder’s life, then share the responsibility that you have taken with the wife and children, and then complete that responsibility. Get your children educated and be done with the whole thing. Then, it would be good to waver off from there. Otherwise, don’t enter it, and that will be the more ideal. Having taken the responsibility it won’t be good to shut that responsibility.

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