Past possibilities

Past possibilities

Mike Dooley and the folks over at TUT Adventures have a daily “Notes from the Universe” email message. They are often quite insightful, as well as being light-hearted. This was todays…

The biggest misconception people have about the past is thinking it can detract from the rest of their lives.

It can’t!

The past only ever makes more stuff possible.

The Universe

and the PS:

And while some might then argue that a different past could make possible a “better” future, I would… beg to disagree.

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  1. Shilpan |

    Now, I’d like to request you to expound on your opinion that a different past could make a possible “better” future. That would be an awesome post form a man of wisdom. 🙂

  2. Davidya

    (laughs) Shilpan – I quoted this as I agreed. A different past is meaningless. The past is an illusion. An alternate past is, as Douglas Adams put it, doubly so. Indeed, what we call past is not even causal, except within the illusion. When the illusion collapses, the causality of its past also collapses, the story unwinds.

    I’ve spoken about this in several posts, such as The 2 Causalities and The Past

    The key thing to remember is that it’s already perfect. A different past would only make it less so. It is only because we’re caught up in it that we see it otherwise.

    Another name for your past? Your personality. Is that who you are?

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