In recent examples in the people around me, I am reminded of the process of clearing. The making way that takes place as we move into new territory.

One of the hallmarks that we’re on the right path is that it is unforced, unresisted. It flows. There is an underlying ease to it. Thats not to say easy, but ease. There is a release and an opening in the cycle of growth.

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It is this release aspect that is the clearing. When we reach a new section of the path, it’s not uncommon to need to clear some scrub. While the way may be marked, it can get overgrown if it has not been traveled.

Some of this scrub will show up in the environment in unexpected challenges such as in work or finances. It may show up as discomfort or restlessness. There may be emotional upheaval or even illness. But if we recognize this is transitional shifting, we can weather the difficulties more easily. In India, they have the concept of Tapas or warming. Sometimes some pot stirring is necessary to make good soup.

The key in clearing is not to get carried away with it. See it as a phase rather than some permanent fixture. To avoid getting caught up in the drama of the change. Try not to force. Some will or pressure can be useful to break through it, but not pressure against it but rather pressure to complete the process. If we push against it, we will tend to go deeper into it and hold the experience much longer. Pushing with it helps us step more into the flow and through it.

This is the natural cycle of growth. When we step forward, we have to step out of balance and into transition. My mate reminded me of the old saying in this regard – “Its always darkest just before the dawn.”

If we can see it as part of a process then we know this is not the result but rather the noise of change. Be with it as it is and it will flow away, leaving you in ever deeper peace and happines.


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