The Pout

The Pout

princess pout
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Earlier I posted on Expectations and the root of suffering. As we begin to see through the illusion and see the stories playing out in our life, it can sometimes be a little surprising. As in How Could I Have Possibly Behaved Like That? Why Would I Be So Fooled? How Could I Be So Dense? Of course, we run into those little of life’s surprises periodically anyway, but they are rather enhanced as we begin to wake from the stories more completely.

One of the funnier, and more personally embarrassing things though is The Pout. That expression of resistance that might otherwise be associated with a petulant child. We may have long seen ourselves as having an adult tantrum, a round of grumpiness, a crying jag, or some other “adult” expression of annoyance at circumstances or another person. But when we see through the story, we realize we’ve been behaving like a spoiled child, stomping our feet in anger and frustration. Shouting No! No! No! Talk about resistance to what is, mainly from dashed expectations from the world not meeting our illusions.

We may express differently, but the inner dynamics are unchanged from that of a child. This idea of ‘adult’ is just another story we tell ourselves.

Its a curious aspect of the deeper reality. The cosmic joke. And its on us. And you thought you were all grow’d up.


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